The Palax 600 Combi Wood Processor

What is Palax 600 Combi Wood Processor?

Palax 600 Combi Wood Processor is a professional-grade machine for production-level firewood processing. It is a combination of two separate machines: a log splitter and a firewood processor. This machine can quickly and efficiently process logs up to 60 cm in diameter into split and sawn firewood. With a maximum splitting force of 24 tons, the Palax 600 Combi can handle the toughest logs and efficiently convert them into firewood ready for use. The machine is designed with safety features to protect the operator during operation, and it is easy to transport and maneuver. With its powerful motor, robust construction, and smart design, the Palax 600 Combi is the ideal choice for professional firewood production.

KS 35 Ergo

The Parallax 600 combi wood processor KS 35 features a 15″ chainsaw and a fully automatic high-speed valving system. With an in-feed conveyor and a long service interval, this machine makes it simple to cut and process firewood while keeping safety in mind. In addition, it features a chain-driven, automatic V-belt tightening system and a wide splitting chute.

The Parallax 600 Combi range is Europe’s first firewood processor brand to achieve CE approval. Besides a 15″ chainsaw, this machine has a hydraulic transmission and an in-feed conveyor. Its conveyor is 0.35 m wide, increasing productivity. It also has a swinging conveyor to fill trailers or other vehicles with firewood.

KS 35 Combi

The Parallax 600 Combi wood processor is a powerful tool for converting small timber into firewood. Its advanced splitter can split and shred wood with incredible speed and force a regular saw. The machine features an automatic height adjustment for the splitting wedge. It also has an extended chain-drive deck and rotary debris-removal cylinder, which can be operated with either an electric or hydraulic motor.

The Parallax 600 Combi wood processor range is one of the first firewood processors to achieve CE approval. It features a high-speed automatic valve, which is handy for processing short firewood. Its crosscut handle features lateral motion, which minimizes the strain on the operator when handling logs.

The Parallax 600 Combi wood processor is ideal for processing small trees, such as trees less than 25 cm in diameter. It has a hard-metal blade that cuts wood efficiently. It also has a 0.35-m-wide conveyor, which increases productivity. It also features an automatic tightening chain system.

KS 750

The Parallax C750 is a revolutionary firewood processor with a 750 mm hard-tip blade, capable of cutting through wood up to 28 cm in diameter. It is one of the fastest processors of its size and features an excellent log flow. Its wide rear part makes the wood easier to move into the split groove. The machine also has a robust splitting blade, an important safety feature.

This processor features a high-quality design and comes with an in-feed conveyor and a swinging discharge conveyor as standard equipment. This means that you’ll always have a steady pace of operation. The processor also has an automatic high-speed valve, which maximizes its splitting speed. Another feature of the processor is a debris grate built into the splitting groove, which collects debris that would otherwise be left behind. The clean wood is also easy to dry. Moreover, the processor comes with lubed-for-life ball bearings, which ensure a long-term service life.

KS 1000

The Parallax 600 combi wood processor is a powerful and user-friendly firewood processor. With a compact design and safety features, the machine makes quick and easy work of producing firewood. It features a hydraulically-driven feed roller to reduce the effort required for handling logs. The handle has lateral motion, making it easy to handle records from both sides.

The Parallax 600 combi wood processor is available in two models: basic and advanced. The basic economy version is powered by the tractor, while the developed model has its hydraulic pump and oil tank. The basic version is suitable for small trees. Depending on the type of processing, the machine can process a variety of wood, from logs to small logs.

KS 500

The Parallax 600 Combi is ideal for turning small timber into firewood. This machine features a TSV (time-speed-variable) split speed facility that allows you to vary the splitting speed from low to high. The basic economy model is powered by your tractor, while the more advanced model requires an oil tank and a separate hydraulic pump. Even a tiny tractor can run this machine.

The PALAX 600 Combi range of firewood processors features a hard-metal blade ideal for general firewood processing. Its hydraulic motor makes it easy to handle, and it has a 4.3-meter discharge conveyor. The swinging conveyor allows you to load your trailer quickly.

KS 350

A firewood processor is an essential piece of equipment if you’re looking for high-quality firewood. The Parallax KS 35 firewood processor is equipped with a 15″ chainsaw, an in-feed conveyor, hydraulic transmission, and a swinging discharge conveyor. The machine has a large capacity for processing firewood and can quickly fill trailers.

The highspeed operation resumes when the process is complete, adding speed to small trees while adding force to more giant trees. The power of the machine is derived from the power supplied by the tractor. The model has a capacity of up to 4 cubic meters of wood. It is available in two versions: economy and advanced.