The Rapido Loco Junior – A Review of a High-Tech Firewood Processor

For the past 23 years, Robbie has worked in the woods. He first worked as a logger for someone else and later invested in equipment to supply firewood to homeowners. Before the Great Recession hit, he sold about 500 cords of firewood a year. But when the economy crashed, he decided to go it alone. After researching various firewood processors for six months, Robbie decided to buy a Rapido Loco Junior.

CRD Metalworks

The Rapido Loco wood processor is a high-tech wood processing machine that can process five to six cords of firewood per hour. CRD Metalworks manufacture it in Williamsburg, MA. While the equipment is highly durable, some routine maintenance is needed to keep it running smoothly.

The company is family-owned and operated. Chris Duval founded it in 2006. Duval has a background in sawing and logging, so he understands the need for a wood processor. The company’s wood processor is made from sawed trees and has a unique cleaning system.

Chris Duval

Chris Duval started CRD Metalworks in 2006 and designed the Woodbine firewood processor, which is now available in several models. A former logger, Chris Duval has a wealth of experience and knows what it takes to make a firewood processor work. He has spent a lot of time designing the products and has a lot of passion for the firewood industry.

The company’s machines include:

  • A “rapid stop” blade brake system.
  • A push button splitting system.
  • A 24-foot-long folding conveyor.

The equipment is mounted on trailers and can be used anywhere. The company has a full-time workforce of nine, with an additional two part-time employees. All of the employees are graduates of the local Smith Vocational School.

CRD Metalworks owner

The Rapido Loco wood processor, manufactured by CRD Metalworks of Williamsburg, MA, is an industrial-grade firewood processor that can produce up to five or six cords of firewood per hour. The company’s owner, Peter Beaudoin, runs Berkshire Tree Service in Pittsfield, MA.

Robbie has been in the woods for 23 years and has invested in equipment that allows him to provide firewood for homeowners. He was selling about 500 cords of firewood annually before the Great Recession. After the recession, Robbie decided to go solo. He spent six months researching firewood processors, reading trade journals, watching videos online, and speaking with CRD Metalworks owners to determine which would best suit his needs.

The Rapido Loco wood processor features a hydraulic brake that can slow the blade from 1000 rpm to a stop in less than 10 seconds. This system improves safety and operations. It also has an emergency stop feature, similar to a chain brake on a chainsaw. It allows the operator to stop the blade instantly during an emergency.

CRD Metalworks product

The Rapido Loco is an industrial-grade wood processor made by CRD Metalworks. It’s designed to produce five to six cords of firewood per hour. The machine is easy to use, and its simple operation allows even the most amateur users to create high-quality firewood.

The wood-processing machines have a unique “rapid-stop” blade brake system, a “push button” splitting system, and a 24-foot-long folding conveyor. The devices are mobile and are mounted on trailers. CRD Metalworks currently employs nine full-time employees, with two part-time employees. All are graduates of the Smith Vocational School.

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