The SLP Series of Wood Mizer Log Processors

The SLP line of wood mizer log processors includes systems and units that operate all over the world. They are designed for processing medium and small logs for profit. This makes them the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes. The SLP line features hundreds of machines and systems operating in the world.

FS150 log splitter

The Wood mizer FS150 log splitting machine features a powerful 7 HP Kohler gas engine with up to 20 tons of splitting force. It can split softwood and hardwood logs up to 24″ long, and has an adjustable table height up to 30 inches. Its operator panel offers left and right controls for the log splitting wedge.

The Wood-Mizer FS150 log splitter can split logs into up to three to five pieces at once. It is also available in a model that is specifically designed for commercial use. This model comes with a Honda 390cc engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump. The FS150 log splitter is capable of splitting three to five logs at a time, and can split logs vertically or horizontally. The machine has a wide operating zone that reduces the need for bending and walking.

The Wood-Mizer company was founded in 1982. Wood splitting can be a tedious and back-breaking process. Don Laskowski and Dan Tekulve decided to create a tool that would make this task more efficient. With their invention, wood splitting has become a more enjoyable and rewarding part of the woodworking process.

The Boss log splitter is a good option for those who want a log splitting machine but are on a budget. This machine is lightweight and powerful, yet comes with a removable stand. It is also suitable for cold and wet conditions. One of the greatest benefits of the Boss splitter is its low price.

This model is the best value for the money. The power of this machine is sufficient to split two to three cords of firewood per hour. The engine is a Honda 630cc. It comes with two-stage hydraulic pump. It also has a 4.5 gallon hydraulic tank.

Wood-Mizer has a network of dealers across Africa. They sell new machines and offer reliable after-sales service support. They are committed to assisting the growth of the timber processing industry in Africa.

SLP2 log processor

The Wood mizer SLP2 log processor is an excellent choice for small and medium-sized mills. The SLP line is comprised of hundreds of units and systems worldwide, and is designed for profit-driven processing of small-to-medium logs. It features tilted heads for efficient splitting and recovery. Its multi-rip edger standardizes up to three board sizes.

The SLP2 line consists of four components that can be customized to meet your individual needs. It has a twin vertical saw with two tilted heads, a single vertical saw with one tilted head, and a horizontal resaw with single or multi-heads for more efficient splitting. The SLP2 can also be equipped with material handling for loading and unloading, and an EG300 MultiRip edger.

The SLP2 has increased automation for lower costs of production. The flexible configuration options allow you to customize it to your specific product needs and budget. Its automation makes it possible for two or three workers to operate the line. In addition, a centralised control console is located at the front of the line, giving the main operator full visibility and control of all the machines in the system.

LT40 WIDE mobile version

The LT40 WIDE mobile version of the Wood-Mizer log processor is a gasoline powered mobile log processor that was developed by Wood-Mizer. This machine features a patented open side design that eliminates leveling issues during set-up. It also has a trapezoid shaped bed so that oddly shaped logs can be sawed.

The LT40 hydraulic portable sawmill is built for performance, delivering consistent timber production. It is available in manual, hydraulic and Super Hydraulic configurations. The hydraulics allow the operator to quickly and easily adjust the saw head to cut uneven wood. This versatile mill has a powerful hydraulic system and six adjustable outriggers. It is also road-ready.

Wood-Mizer is the leading manufacturer of portable sawmills. The new LT40W wide sawmill head can increase the maximum width of cuts from 28″ to 34″. This means more cutting capacity for mobile sawyers. This feature was previously only available on stationary Wood-Mizer sawmills.

TVS mobile version

The TVS wood mizer log processor mobile edition features three different ways to process logs. The outfeed bed includes side rollers, which fall onto the logs and move them outwards to a cross transfer table. The economy version of the TVS wood mizer log processor mobile version comes without side disks or spiral rollers. It also features a flat feed chain for processing cants. Both of these options are commonly used in conjunction with another TVS unit.

The TVS wood mizer log processor mobile features a versatile design and easy operation. The machine can easily remove the two sides of a log at once, and features a large cutting area for two sides. Its cutting width can be adjusted as required, and its tilted head helps maximize blade life. Its 184″ blade length and belted wheels allow for quick and easy blade changes. It also comes with an optional cross-transfer deck.

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