The SSM 250 EZ Compakt is a Saw and Processor in One

The SSM 250 EZ Compact is a saw and processor in one. Other processors include the Pilkemaster EVO and Apache. A manual log splitter can be used for larger logs or stumps. A good processor will minimize the need for manual splitting and re-splitting firewood.

SSM 250 EZ Compact is a combination saw and splitter processor

The SSM 250 EZ Compact can process up to 50 ft3 of firewood. Its small work center allows a single operator to split quickly, load and cut firewood. Its design meets safety standards and is designed for ease of use.

The SSM 250 EZ Compact features a separate saw and splitter area for optimum efficiency and productivity. It has a two-lever electrohydraulic control and a telescopic conveyor belt to process large logs. This machine is easy to set up and easily transported to a different locations.

The SSM 250 EZ Compact is characterized by high safety, power, and innovative solutions. It features a maximum timber length of 125 cm and a maximum splitting force of 40T. It also comes with a safety belt and PTO drive for safe operation. Moreover, it comes with a billet bungling device to wrap meter-long billets.

The Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS Firewood Processor has several features to meet the needs of growing firewood producers. The multitask 1620 SS Firewood Processor has a patented guillotine-cutting system that helps reduce maintenance and boost productivity. Its 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw has a patented design to increase productivity. The PRO-MP can process two to three cords of firewood per hour. It can also process logs up to 16 inches in diameter.

Cord King Compact

A firewood processor is a device that chops and grinds wood into fuel for a fire. These machines can process a single log or a large quantity of timber. Manufacturers primarily use them to reduce the number of workers. Additionally, firewood processors allow end users to take advantage of seasonal demand for wood.

Cord King firewood processors are built to last for many years. They’re easy to use and require minimal maintenance. Their machines produce up to four cords of wood per hour. Cord King was founded in 1974 and had been manufacturing high-quality firewood processors since 1978. With a solid reputation for building durable and easy-to-use machines, they’ve become an industry leader in the firewood processing industry.

The Cord King 27-40 firewood processor is a high-end model that costs around USD 77,000. It’s self-contained, has a conveyor, and can process three to four cords per hour. It can also be configured to process small logs. And if you need to process more wood in less time, two-stage firewood processors are a great way to cut your firewood.

Cord King Compact wood eze firewood processor features a slasher wheel and hydraulic splitters to produce uniform firewood. This makes it ideal for thinning or splitting wood in the yard. An eight-foot log can be converted into 36 firewood pieces in 70 seconds. Compared to a standard axe and saw, it’s easier to see why the Cord King Compact wood eze firewood processor is the better choice for firewood processing.

The preferred form of the wood processor is shown in FIGS. 1 and 3. The processor comprises an operator station and a base 12 that supports various components. There’s also a housing 13 that houses a plurality of parallel-spaced rotary saw blades. A carriage 15 is mounted adjacent to the saw blades. The carriage can support a log 20 and clamps 17a-17f on the log.

In addition to these models, you can purchase used firewood processors from Multitek, Forest-All, and Hammerhead. Some companies also offer rental services.

Pilkemaster EVO

The Pilkemaster EVO firewood processor is a powerful machine that can chop and split logs and wood. The device has hydraulically adjustable blades that can simultaneously see and break several small trees. The machine has smooth operation and low noise levels. It can be used on a mobile platform or mounted behind a tractor.

It has a patented V-shaped infeed table for speed and efficiency. It eliminates the need for a belt conveyor to feed logs. It also includes a split piston to make splitting a breeze. The saw chain is auto-lubricated and features specially designed-sprockets for a faster process.

The Pilkemaster EVO is a second-generation firewood processor that can process logs as large as 14.5 inches in diameter. Its adjustable frame creates an ergonomic work environment. Its auto-lubricated chainsaw easily cuts logs, and the open structure underneath the splitting groove allows debris to drop under the machine for cleaner firewood.


Apache is a Canadian manufacturer of superior firewood processors and accessories. Its Japa 2100 processor is PTO-driven and can be operated by a tractor with up to 20 horsepower. It can process logs up to fourteen inches in diameter and split wood two or four ways, or it can operate with no splitting blade. It comes with a highway subframe, suspension axle, and hitch.

Another available firewood processor is the Cord King Compact. This model has been in production since 1978 and is sold worldwide. It is renowned for its efficiency and simplicity of design. This machine can process up to 9,000 cords per working year. It has a cycle time of three to four seconds. The Cord King Compact is also customizable to meet the requirements of each user.

Another firewood processor that is popular among consumers is the Timberwolf PRO-MP Beaver 1. It is a one-person unit that is portable and has a hydraulic winch. Its design makes it an ideal machine for small-scale wood businesses, farmers, and homeowners. It can process up to a cord of wood per hour. Its hydraulic cut-off saw has a patented Top Roll clamping system. A 36-horsepower Yanmar engine powers it. It also comes with a conveyor for easy transport.

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