The T Rex Wood Processor

The Rex 600 X is an advanced version of the standard Rex 600, with a specially designed infeed hopper to hold 3.5 cubic meters of blocked timber. Its loader and conveyor belt provide continuous feed, reducing labor input considerably. With a production rate of 10 cubic meters per hour, this model improves productivity and efficiency while cutting the cost of production.


The T rex wood processor is a powerful machine that can cut large quantities of firewood into thin pieces. The plans for the device are available in a forum thread. These machines are costly, but most handyman homeowners can build one for pennies on the dollar. The Rex 600 model is powerful and can cut four pieces of wood simultaneously. It has a 37hp Yanmar engine and features a 6-second cycle time. It also has a hydraulic block lifter with rollers, a fold-out elevator, and easy-to-use controls. It is also a road-towable model that is available with a registration kit.


Rex wood processors are highly efficient and are designed to process firewood in large quantities. They are ideal for commercial use. They have a powerful 37 hp Yanmar engine and have a cycle time of just six seconds. These machines also feature a fold-out elevator allowing the operator to process four pieces simultaneously. They also have double-handed controls, a convenient double-handle control system, and a registration kit for safe road towing.

The company’s manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, with no smokestacks, and nearly 100% of factory runoff is recycled. The result is that Trex products have a lower carbon footprint than wood. Additionally, the company uses only ethical supply vendors (95% of its vendors are based in the US). It conducts supply chain assessments and in-person interviews with suppliers to ensure that their practices do not impact the environment.

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