The Tajfun 400 Wood Processor

What is Tajfun 400 Wood Processor?

Tajfun 400 wood processor is an innovative, high-performance logging machine with a wide range of capabilities. It is designed to process logs up to 400mm in diameter with an effective cutting length of up to 6 meters. It is equipped with a multi-function grapple, an adjustable saw blade and a hydraulic motor. The Tajfun 400 is capable of producing high-quality firewood, construction timber, and sawdust with minimal effort. Additionally, the machine is equipped with a powerful, adjustable hydraulic cylinder for efficient operation.

If you are looking to buy a wood processor, Tajfun has four different models. They process wood up to 32cm in diameter. Each model is equipped with twin splitters and manual lever or joystick controls. The Tajfun 400 is a versatile machine that can handle a variety of woods and has a 25-ton splitting force.


If you are interested in purchasing a firewood processor, you should look into the Tajfun RCA320. This product is a high-quality machine with twin-splitting technology and manual lever controls. It also has a double ten-ton ram. It is also available in different sizes, including 32cm and 48cm.


The Tajfun RCA380 wood processor is a high-end, professional firewood processor. Its twin splitters make it a versatile choice for processing a wide variety of wood. This unit can cut and split logs up to 38 cm in diameter. It can operate with a variety of records and features a joystick control. Several other features make this machine ideal for a variety of tasks.

The Tajfun RCA 400 Joy firewood processor is the flagship firewood processor in the range. It is an all-in-one mobile powerhouse with a 55 HP Hatz diesel engine and joystick-controlled large-capacity firewood processor. The RCA400 Joy also has a 40Tf split ram and a programmable touch screen, which allows the operator to control the machine.

RCA600 Joy

Tajfun’s engineers have worked hard at designing the RCA 600 Joy firewood processor. This mobile powerhouse is outfitted with a 55-horsepower Hatz diesel, a joystick-controlled large-capacity firewood processor, a 40Tf splitting ram, and a programmable touch screen. The touchscreen displays the amount of wood processed, the machine’s settings, and its performance.

The RCA600 Joy is an efficient machine that can process up to 1 ton of wood daily. This machine has two feed speeds. It is suitable for use in either the home or commercial environment. It is also ideal for processing various wood types, such as ash, oak, and maple.