The Wallenstein WP835 Wood Processor

What is a WP835 Wallenstein Wood Processor?

WP835 Wallenstein Wood Processor is a powerful, high-capacity wood processor that helps you to quickly split, chip, and process wood. It is designed with a large-diameter rotor and a powerful four-way splitting wedge for efficient splitting of logs up to 24 inches in diameter. It also features a heavy-duty chipper drum for chipping logs up to 8 inches in diameter and a conveyor belt for easy loading and unloading. The WP835 is a rugged and reliable machine that is ideal for any job site. It offers high productivity with low operating costs and is easy to maintain. It is capable of cutting, chipping, and processing a wide variety of materials such as logs, pallets, brush, and tree limbs.

The WP835 Wallenstein Wood Processor is a powerful piece of equipment that offers a variety of features. It includes a hydraulic winch, an automatic splitting cycle, and an adjustable four-way wedge. It has optional extras, such as a chainsaw holder and log peavey.


The WP835 Wood Processor is a high-quality, electric start machine with a 25-ton splitting force. This machine is perfect for firewood merchants, hire companies, and larger farmers. Its automatic cycle valve operation and adjustable 4-way wedge allow for faster splitting. It has the same features as the WP635EU wood processor but is designed to process larger logs faster.

The ergonomic design of the WP Wood Processor helps reduce back strain and prevents excessive bending. The adjustable cutting height enables the operator to work comfortably and protects the chainsaw teeth from injuries. It can process up to 1.5 cords per hour and features a 36-inch split opening for processing large logs. Its portable design and powerful Honda engine make it an ideal choice for high-volume producers.


The WP Wood Processor is a high-volume, high-productivity wood processor that cuts up to 34 inches in diameter. It has an auto-cycle valve and a powerful 265 CC Subaru engine for smooth operation. Its ergonomic design reduces back strain and increases comfort while working. Several safety features include an adjustable log length indicator, an easy-to-use lever, and an offload chute.

A powerful Vanguard gas engine provides power and durability. The 18-inch diameter log can be processed with up to 20 tons of splitting force. It has a 26-inch splitting opening and a 12-foot stacking elevator. It also comes with a Wallenstein BX52S wood chipper. It has a manual feed and a three-foot chip capacity.


The Wallenstein WP835 Wood Processor is a robust and durable machine for splitting logs up to 61 cm in diameter. It features an electric start, hydraulic winch, automatic splitting cycle, and an adjustable four-way wedge. It also has optional extras such as a chainsaw holder and log peavey.

This machine can process up to 1.5 cords of wood per hour. It features an ergonomic design for back-friendly operation and is easily transportable. It also has an auto cycle feature for one-handed operation and a comfortable cutting height. The Wallenstein WP835 is an efficient and cost-effective choice for any home or business user who processes a high volume of firewood.

This machine is the simplest and safest way to convert a log into a pile. It reduces the risk of physical strain and increases productivity. Its ergonomic design allows you to work longer without any discomfort or injury. Moreover, it includes a heavy-weight log stabilizer, a chainsaw guard, and an adjustable log length indicator. The machine also has an offload chute, which makes it easier to move logs to the next area.

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If you’re looking for a wood processor, Wallenstein’s WP835 might be the perfect machine. This powerful machine has an adjustable four-way wedge, hydraulic winch, and electric start. It also has an automatic splitting cycle, and optional upgrades include a 6-way wedge, chainsaw holder, and log peavey.

This machine is built for maximum productivity, so it’s ideal for large-scale wood processing operations. Designed with ergonomics, it eliminates unnecessary back strain and strenuous bending. It’s easy to operate and has an adjustable cutting height to accommodate large and long logs. It processes up to 1.5 cords per hour and is lightweight enough to transport from job site to job site.