The Wausau Pulp Cord of Wood Sale Benefits the Wausau Public Resource Forest Department

The City of Wausau recently sold 22 cords of ash logs to Urban Evolutions. The proceeds will be used for 20 new trees planted by the Wausau Public Resource Forest Department. The sale is ongoing, and additional log sales are expected shortly. Additionally, the Wausau School District was recently awarded a grant to purchase a portable sawmill. In addition, the district is developing a curriculum based on the use of forest products.


When purchasing firewood, Wisconsin has some excellent options for you. For example, you can buy certified firewood free of pests and diseases. Additionally, this wood can be used in state parks and campgrounds. However, there are some essential requirements you should follow before purchasing wood. Read the following information to learn more about purchasing certified firewood.

Face cord

A log truck with 20 cords will make a 40-foot-long, eight-foot-tall stack of wood. This truck does not have a self-unloading boom, so it’s best to be prepared for a smaller amount than the quoted amount.

You can also purchase firewood by the face cord, equivalent to one full line. In the U.S., one face cord equals about four firewood stacks. An entire thread is about 48 feet long. Six face cords of the split, dry wood will cost you about 0.

If you’re looking for firewood, the standard firewood measurement is a “full cord.” A full cord is 8 feet long, four feet high, and 16 inches deep. It’s a standard size for a stack and a great way to save money on wood. Make sure to choose a supplier that sells wood in Wisconsin. You’ll be happy you did!

Half-cords are also available. These cords cost about 0 to 0 each and can be purchased from reputable firewood dealers. Half-cords have a slightly higher price per cubic foot than full-cords, but they are an excellent alternative for heating your home.

The plaintiff’s mills used 12 percent of the wood produced in the territory, but that doesn’t mean they’re overly limited. This means that competition among wood buyers may have been fair, and they’re likely to have gotten a reasonable price. While the lawsuit was unsuccessful, it shows the power of wood markets in Wisconsin.

Many mills purchase logs by weight rather than by the cord because it’s easier to weigh truckloads than to measure a cable. While this may accurately reflect the consequences of lines, this method can vary from mill to mill. Therefore, knowing what a cord is and what has considered a cable is essential.