The Wood Beaver Model 16 is a Workhorse for Troy and Beth Modschiedler

What is Wood Beaver Processor Wisconsin?

Wood Beaver Processor Wisconsin is a company that specializes in providing portable sawmill services and custom wood products to customers in the Midwest. They offer a range of services, including on-site milling, custom sawing, and custom woodworking. They also offer custom kiln drying services, as well as a variety of woodworking tools and supplies. Wood Beaver Processor Wisconsin is known for their commitment to quality and customer service, and they strive to create unique and beautiful custom wood products.

The Wood Beaver Model 16 is the workhorse of the firewood processing industry. Owned by Troy and Beth Modschiedler, the machine is easy to use and runs smoothly. Its small size and easy operation make it ideal for single-person operations. The device is also woman-friendly.

Model 16

The Wood Beaver Model 16 is a firewood processor designed to reduce processing time and increase output. It is a heavy-duty, towable machine that turns a log into stacked firewood in seconds. It is rated at 1,800 pounds and is available with a Honda or PTO engine. It is very user-friendly and can be operated by one person.

The Model 16 firewood processor is a portable, affordable model designed for farmers, small business owners, and homeowners. It has a powerful ten-horsepower engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump. It can process up to one cord of wood per hour, depending on the size and diameter of the log.


The Wood Beaver firewood processor is a high-performance workhorse for Troy and Beth Modschiedler’s firewood processing business. Model 16 is a low-maintenance machine that works efficiently and is easy to operate even for one person. It’s also a woman-friendly machine.

The Wood Beaver firewood processor is part of the MVP Beaver Firewood Processor line, which is made in Wisconsin. Its features include quality parts and dimensions that make maintenance easy. Its owner plans to upgrade the machine to a larger model next year, likely an MVP Beaver 18. The Wood Beaver also comes with diesel and PTO gas engines.

Easy to run

The Wood Beaver is one of the MVP Beaver Firewood Processors. MVP stands for Maximum Value Performance. Its quality parts and serviceability are among its top features. It is easy to service and move, processing one cord of wood per hour. The machine has a PTO gas or diesel engine and is made in Wisconsin.

The Wood Beaver Model 16 has a 4.5-second cycle time and a sawdust clean-out chute. It also features protective lockout covers and a CAM log length measurement system. The machine also comes with an 18-inch harvester bar and a 3/8 chain. Troy Modschiedler’s company is pleased with the model 16 hydraulic saw. He reports that the machine has been trouble-free for over half a year.


The Wood Beaver firewood processor from Wisconsin manufacturer Wood Beaver Forestry, Inc. has an electric hydraulic system and an easy-to-service size. In addition, it features an enormous diameter rod, which requires less hydraulic oil and reduces the length of the process. Owners Troy and Beth Modschiedler say that it’s easy to use, makes splitting logs fast, and is a woman and operator-friendly machine.