The Wood Processor FS17 Mod

The wood processor FS17 is a versatile machine that can cut a tree log into pieces at a set length. The cut pieces of wood can then be used for firewood. The machine is easy to use and requires only a few minutes to set up. It can also split tree logs.

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Jenz HE700StA

The Jenz HE 700 StA is a wood processor that allows you to process whole trees into woodchips. These woodchips can be sold directly to heating plants for a much higher price than the bales you would get from other wood processing methods. This machine is an excellent choice if you are looking to get a lot of wood processing done. However, this machine is very expensive and requires daily maintenance which makes it not the most cost-effective choice.

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This wood processor can chip timber up to 560mm in diameter. It is the largest stationary chipper and features an adjustable infeed length and discharge height. It features proven intake technology from the mobile chipper range. This means you can customise its intake capabilities to suit your specific needs.

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Jenz HE700StA mod

The Jenz HE 700 StA is an add-on for the Wood Processor in Farming Simulator 17. Unlike the standard Wood Chipper, it is the only one that can be placed in a farm. It does not require an external power source, and it sells its wood chips immediately rather than having to haul them to the sawmill. This mod makes wood processing a whole lot easier, but it does cost more money, as it requires a daily maintenance fee of 140$. In addition, it does not have an unloading process. Instead, the wood chips are sold immediately and the entire process happens automatically.

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