The Woodbine Wood Processor

The Woodbine wood processor is a heavy-duty firewood processing machine that offers professional-grade durability and performance for heavy workloads. It features a 14-foot powered in-feed deck with fold-away wheels for easy transport and a large, extra broad trough for added productivity. Its aggressive hourglass-shaped rear feed roll splits a 22-inch diameter log into eight firewood-sized sections and sends them to a loading conveyor for easy transport and storage.

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Woodbine wood processor features

Woodbine wood processors offer the highest quality standards in professional-grade equipment. They are built to withstand heavy workloads and provide years of trouble-free HIGH Production service. The Woodbine wood processor’s standard features include:

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  • An extra expansive, two-strand powered in-feed deck.
  • An aggressive hourglass-shaped rear-mounted feed roll.
  • A large log trough for processing logs up to 22 inches in diameter.

During processing, the machine splits the log into eight firewood-size sections. It sends the split logs to a loading conveyor.

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In addition to the many features outlined above, Woodbine firewood processors come with patent-pending hydraulic brake systems. These brakes reduce the blade’s speed from thousands of rpm to a stop in less than 10 seconds, enhancing safety and preventing damage to people and property. They also allow users to stop the machine in an emergency.

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CRD Metalworks owner plans to keep manufacturing trademark Woodbine and Rapido Loco firewood processing machines

CRD Metalworks, a Williamsburg, MA-based manufacturer, plans to continue manufacturing their trademark Woodbine and Rapido Loco firewood processing machines. While the company was recently barred from the Cummington County Fair because of its use of a Confederate battle flag, the company has since been invited to exhibit at the Three County Fair in Northampton, Mass. CRD Metalworks produces large firewood processing machines called Rapido Locos and Woodbines that can cut several cords of hardwood in one hour.

Initially, the company owner saw a niche in the firewood business. He already owned construction equipment that could be used for moving logs and delivering firewood. He also had employees to help him with the company. Purchasing a firewood processor seemed like a natural fit. He didn’t have a business model at the time, but he had an idea. The machines were becoming popular, and he researched online and at the Northeastern Forest Products Expo to see what they looked like.

Wilk initially began cutting firewood to earn extra income. During the slow times in his paving business, he would cut 15 cords of firewood every year. At the time, he used a Timberwolf splitter and chainsaw for bucking. He sold firewood on a small scale for ten to twelve years.

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