The Wranglerstar Wood Processor

If you’re looking for a simple way to make firewood, the Wranglerstar wood processor will come in handy. It has a simple design, and is easy to clean up. You can also use it to make briquettes, a great way to add character to any barbecue.

Bus Huxley

Bus Huxley is a YouTube personality who posts new videos about his work on a house-building project in western Maine. His skills include building houses out of pine trees and heating them with wood. He is also known for using chainsaws to propel sleds.

DIY trick from Wranglerstar

One DIY wood processor trick is to use an old tire. This will help you hold the wood in place and use less energy. Another trick uses a horizontal angle to split the wood. This technique is simple and safe. It is also very easy to set up. It’s also an eco-friendly alternative to buying a wood processor.

Wood processor

The Wranglerstars are a couple that live on a homestead in Montana, where they run a YouTube channel about modern homesteading. They’ve also written a book about the modern homestead, Modern Homesteading: Rediscovering the American Dream. Cody uses a metal detector to check for nails, as well as a chainsaw to cut wood.

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