Thomas Wood Processor

What is Thomas Wood Processor?

Thomas Wood Processor is a professional wood chipper and shredder designed to quickly and efficiently reduce wood into small chips and sawdust. It is capable of handling large branches, logs, and stumps of up to 10 inches in diameter. With its powerful motor, the Thomas Wood Processor can easily handle hardwoods and softwoods, making it an ideal choice for landscapers and tree care professionals. It is also equipped with a 30-inch infeed hopper and a 10-inch discharge hopper for easy loading and unloading of the wood. The Thomas Wood Processor is easy to use and maintain, and is a great choice for anyone needing to quickly reduce large amounts of wood into small chips and sawdust.

A Thomas wood processor is one of many options for firewood processing. An employee running the processor can produce up to four cords a day. The employee will process two cords and deliver them, and then go back to the yard and process two more cords. These two cords are then stacked in a delivery truck for shipping. The average day for a Thomas wood processor is about eight hours. The company sells around 280-300 cords of firewood per year. They also provide stacking services for customers.

Tony Schiefer

Tony Schiefer, owner of Thomas wood processor, offers several benefits to his employees. He offers paid holiday time and a week of paid vacation after one year of employment. The employee also gets one extra day of vacation each year that he stays with the company. In addition, he gives his employees performance bonuses three times a year. He started paying performance bonuses to employees in 2017. Tony also conducts performance evaluations and reviews with employees. He also keeps a record of customer feedback regarding the service he provides.

The company has several different segments. Its firewood operation relies on Timberwolf equipment to split logs. He uses a Timberwolf TW-6 splitter for this purpose. He wanted to make firewood more consistent and increase production. In order to ensure consistency, Tony employed a retiree who splits logs with a Timberwolf TW-6.

Timberwolf firewood processor

Timberwolf firewood processing equipment is made with safety, efficiency, and durability in mind. Its two fully integrated manufacturing facilities are located in Upstate New York, and each machine is designed and manufactured by highly skilled professionals. Starting with raw steel sourced from quality North American suppliers, Timberwolf firewood processors are built to last for years.

Founded in 1998, Timberwolf has expanded its manufacturing facilities to meet demand for its products. The company recently added a second manufacturing facility to build hydraulic components and hired 18 new employees to support the growing demand. Moreover, the company has partnered with a certified dealer in the Southeast region and continues to add to its sales force. Currently, the company offers three models of firewood processors. Each of them features a patented top roll clamping system and large-tooth hourglass roller in the feed trough. These machines are also compatible with conveyors to move the processed wood.

Timberwolf has also increased its manufacturing capabilities and expanded its inventory of raw materials. Its newest facility in Syracuse, New York, includes new manufacturing equipment for hydraulic components. It has also hired 18 new employees, which helped it expand its staff to thirty-five. As a result of these expansions, Timberwolf’s sales have nearly doubled.

As the company’s sales and support efforts have increased, it has also increased its number of dealers across the Southeast. The company has certified dealers in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas. The company also offers training in wood-processing machine operation.

John Deere skid-steer

Tony’s firewood business uses a John Deere skid-steer to grade, sort and load logs for processing. The logs are sorted by size, species and condition. The company uses logs up to 20 inches in diameter for firewood, and non-firewood logs are sold to a mulch company. The skid-steer loads the logs onto the Timberwolf processor.

If your skid-steer isn’t responding properly, the joystick controls may be not functioning properly. Check the steering cables and loader connections to make sure they are not loose. If these aren’t fixed, replace the joystick control circuit board.

Thomas Wood

The Thomas Wood processor is one of the newest and most modern machines made by the company. The company began using the new equipment later this year and expects to start shipping finished wood materials early in 2023. Prior to this move, the company relied on external resources for wood processing. This left the company vulnerable to market prices passed on by suppliers.

Thomas earned his Master’s degree in social work from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He also has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. His experience includes raising a child, dealing with divorce, and navigating family estrangement. Thomas is dedicated to providing a safe and comfortable environment for his clients and ensuring that they are treated with respect and compassion.