Three Cord King Firewood Processors You Can Use With a Tractor PTO

Cord King models have a 540 or 1000 RPM PTO

Many Cord King models offer the option of using a tractor-driven PTO. This option gives you more flexibility, since you can attach your cord king to the tractor’s power source and run the PTO like normal. This option is especially useful for applications where you’ll have to work at lower engine rpms.

Hakki Pilke 55 Pro models have a 25” hyd. chainsaw

The Hakki Pilke 55 Pro is a firewood processor that features innovative features and automatic functions. Its HakkiMultiBlade can split logs into eight or 24 pieces, while its automatic hydraulic height adjustment ensures consistently high quality firewood. The saw also comes with an innovative sensor that measures the diameter of each log for an accurate split.

The 55 Pro model features an automatic log measuring device, a larger infeed conveyor, and two drive rollers for easy moving of logs. It also has a 24-way blade, which means it can split various hardwoods. The automatic height adjustment also makes processing smooth and easy.

Japa 365 model has a 7 1/2′ live deck

The Japa 365 firewood processor is equipped with safety features that help keep the machine working at optimum performance. For example, the chainsaw and hydraulics are automatically disabled when the safety guard is opened. The engine is a Honda iGX700 v-twin gas engine with electronic fuel injection and governor.

The Japa 365 features a powered in-feed conveyor and powered out-feed conveyor. It can fill truck beds and wood crates. It has a max cut length of 23.6” and can handle log diameters of up to 14”. A mechanical lever raises and lowers the processor knife for efficient cutting and splitting. Its hydraulics are designed for professional use and high output.

Pilkemaster EVO36 model has a circular blade

This firewood processor is capable of splitting logs into two, four, or six pieces. It has hydraulically adjustable blades and a quiet operation. It can work on a mobile platform and is suitable for small or large trees. It is also equipped with a split piston and specially-designed sprockets, making it easier to transport and use.

Lumag SSA400Z model has a powered infeed conveyor

The powered infeed conveyor on the Lumag SSA400Z model makes feeding easier and more efficient. This model can be driven by a tractor PTO or an electric motor. It is built in Germany, and is compliant with EU emission regulations and safety regulations. It is powered by a Loncin engine, one of the leading manufacturers of industrial engines.

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