Three Types of Wood Processors

When processing firewood, a good wood processor is one of the essential tools. This equipment can easily split any log into evenly spaced pieces and is ready to burn. It also features a hydraulic pusher, adjustable knife, log length limiter, guide plate, lubrication pump, and a joystick for easy operation. It creates consistent firewood, no matter the log size, and is perfect for wood-fired stoves, saunas, and hot tubs.

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Cord King CS20-40

The Cord King CS20-40 wood processor is an excellent option for smaller jobs. It features a 7-and-a-half-foot live deck, a powerful 37-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine, and a Multi-Wedge System to help you chop wood faster and more efficiently. It has a 20-foot conveyor belt that allows you to process an entire cord of firewood in an hour.

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Unlike other firewood processors, the CS20-40 is explicitly designed for small firewood processing. Its direct hydraulic valves eliminate electrical problems. This wood processor is also built with an auto-split feature for more straightforward operation. The Cord King CS20-40 is available in both manual and electric versions.

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Japa 405

The Japa 405 Ottis wood processor is a high-performance machine that optimizes processing performance based on the type of wood. Its design accommodates different log sizes, including large ones, and features a data connection, allowing it to be serviced from a distance. This high-performance processor requires approximately 35-40 horsepower to operate.

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The Japa 405 is equipped with an intelligent system and sensors to monitor its performance and ensure optimal operation. With its data connection, you can watch the split ratios and optimize the machine’s performance based on the type of wood. It can process all sizes of logs and offers two different splitting methods: manual and automated.

Japa 435

The Japa 435 Ottis wood processor is a fast, reliable, and professional firewood processor. Its patented splitting knife and cleaning mechanism are ideal for splitting soft and hardwoods of all sizes. It also features a 20-inch bar and tractor power take-off for increased versatility. It also boasts an intelligent system to monitor and adjust its operation.

This processor uses a sensor-based innovative system to optimize cutting functions based on wood type. It also features a data connection to the factory for remote updates. Its re-splitting mechanism is automated, which reduces the chance of overheating the machine and the wood. The Japa 435 also has manual feeding and infeed control.

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