Tigercat 850 Wood Processor

What is Tiger Cat Wood Processor?

Tiger Cat Wood Processor is a heavy-duty, self-propelled commercial wood chipper with a fuel-efficient engine and capable of chipping wood up to 8 inches in diameter. It features a large infeed hopper and a large discharge chute, making it easy to process large volumes of wood quickly. The machine is designed to withstand the toughest conditions and is capable of producing clean, uniform chips with minimal effort. It is also equipped with a tilt-down head for easy maneuvering and a large, adjustable deflector for maximum chip control.

If you are in the market for a wood processor, consider the Tigercat 850 model. This machine has many options, including the 875D logger, 602 grapple skidder, and the 534 harvesting head. To learn more about the 850 wood processor, read on.

Tigercat 850 wood processor

The Tigercat 850 wood processor is a purpose-built roadside log processor with outstanding performance and fuel efficiency. It is built for high-volume roadside processing and offers numerous advantages over excavator conversions. These advantages include increased cooling capacity and easier service access. The engine produces 159 kW (213 hp) and is Tier 2 and Tier 4f emission compliant.

It is available in two models – the 850E logger and the 875E logger. The 875E logger is a multi-purpose carrier and can be fitted with a Tigercat FPT N67 engine – 210 kW (282 hp). It is equipped with two undercarriages, the F7-150 undercarriage is standard, and the F7-162 undercarriage provides additional stability for heavier timber applications.

Tigercat 875D logger

The Tigercat 875D logger is a versatile and hydraulically advanced carrier that meets various logging needs. It features a new operator station, two boom configurations, and a variety of grapple configurations. It also offers a Stage V engine and is available with an F7-150 undercarriage for added stability and durability in heavy timber applications.

The Tigercat 875E has a heated operator seat and a large touchscreen display that improves machine monitoring. It also includes an emergency stop button and a rearVIEW camera system. Other features include:

  • A critical FOB that turns on exterior lights remotely.
  • Improved service access.
  • A higher cooling capacity.

Tigercat 602 grapple skidder

The Tigercat 602 grapple skidder is ideal for high-value selective logging in tight terrain and is compact, fuel-efficient, and highly durable. It has an engine with 125 kW and a Tier 4f emissions standard for North America and Europe. Its hydraulic system allows for maximum power output without sacrificing fuel efficiency.

The 602 is an excellent choice for selective logging and felling operations in steep terrain. The compact design allows for maximum fuel efficiency and quick process. Its narrow width helps minimize residual stand damage. It’s also easy to maneuver, minimizing operator fatigue. It’s an excellent investment for your business.

The Tigercat 602 grapple skidder offers excellent visibility from the cab and has an ergonomically-designed cabin for increased operator comfort. It also features a hydrostatic drive and Turnaround to make maintenance a breeze. It’s also available in a compact, lightweight version.

Tigercat is a privately-owned Canadian company specializing in forestry and off-road industrial equipment. The company’s customer-oriented culture allows it to innovate and produce machinery that meets the needs of its customers. Designed to perform well in a variety of settings, Tigercat machinery is known for its long life, durability, and structural integrity.

Tigercat 534 harvesting head

The Tigercat 534 harvesting head features an intuitive, user-friendly control system with a large 305 mm touch screen. Its various system options support production reporting and simplify the process of harvesting. The head also features a hydraulically-actuated measuring wheel. Its hydraulic system is tuned for optimal performance with the 1165 harvester.

The Tigercat 534 harvesting head is an excellent match for the Tigercat 1165 harvester, featuring a base weight of 1,380 kg. It is designed for various harvesting tasks, from 150 to 500 mm stem diameter. The head’s triangulated wheel arms and fixed front and back knives deliver outstanding delimbing quality.

Tigercat is a manufacturer of timber harvesting equipment, including cut-to-length systems and tree-length timber harvesting equipment. During the Tigercat demonstration on Friday, participants saw a Tigercat H822D track harvester with a 575 harvester head and a prototype 534 harvesting head. The company also provided a Tigercat 1055C forwarder to show off its range of machinery.

The Tigercat 534 harvesting head is equipped with heavy-duty chassis, guarding that protects the operator’s wrist from injuries, a 1000 cc main saw, and a top saw fitted with a Tigercat hydraulic tension system. The 534 harvesting head is ideal for select-cut harvesting applications and pairs well with the Tigercat 822 series carriers.

Tigercat LogOn system

Tigercat has recently acquired Ragnar Original Innovations, located in Chester, New Hampshire. Founded by Anders Ragnarsson, ROI specializes in material processing machinery. In addition to becoming part of Tigercat, Ragnar will serve as its vice president of engineering. The acquisition will immediately expand Tigercat’s product line, including the Carbonizer.

Tigercat LogOn system for wood processors features a user-friendly interface, ergonomic controls, and a climate control system. The processing head enables high-performance processing, while the machine features powerful delimbing capabilities and a fast feed speed. The processor also features a robust boom with extended track frames and large-diameter pins. The integrated Tigercat D5 control system combines user-friendly hardware and field-proven software to deliver intuitive head control.

Tigercat LogOn offers a range of features and functions that make it easy to monitor and troubleshoot machines. The system can monitor machine health and display detailed fault codes and troubleshooting guides to help operators solve any problems. It also allows operators to see the operating time and production metrics and provides a one-stop diagnostic report.

The Tigercat LogOn system for wood processors also offers advanced options for logging and processing. The machine is compatible with a Tigercat FPT N67 engine and two undercarriages. In addition to the Tigercat LogOn system for the wood processor, the Tigercat 875E logger can be configured as a high-capacity, multi-purpose carrier with multiple grapple configurations.

Tigercat 880 with Waratah head

The Tigercat 880 with Waratah cutting head is a versatile piece of equipment. It can cut different lengths twice daily and is easy to set up. It also has plenty of windows to let you see what you’re doing. George Funk has worked in the logging industry for 43 years. In that time, he’s seen mills come and go, Mountain Pine Beetle infestation and new developments in logging equipment.

Tigercat’s 880 forestry rig is fuel efficient. Suncoast Logging on the west coast of Vancouver Island uses one. One fuel tank can power the machine for approximately 75 hours of logging. The cost of fuel is around $75. The Tigercat 880 also has a quiet, energy recovery swing system.

It can be configured for shovel and loading logging. It also features an updated operator’s station and different grapple configurations. It is powered by a Cummins QSL9 Tier III engine with 300 horsepower at 1800 rpm. It has a durable F7-163 undercarriage that can handle heavy timber applications.