Tigercat Wood Processor – Harvesting Pine For Nordines Timber Company

The Tigercat wood processor is a versatile machine that can handle a variety of wood processing jobs. Nordines Timber Company had received its Tigercat equipment in July and had been operating the machine for two weeks. The company’s forwarder and harvester, operated by Jason and Mark, were working in hardwood saw timber. The timber was mostly hard maple with an average diameter of 18 inches.

Tigercat 570 harvesting head

The Tigercat 570 wood processor harvesting head is a new harvesting head, designed to handle softwood trees from fifteen to fifty centimeters in diameter. This new head has dual feed-rollers and an independent sawbar. It is best suited for use with Tigercat H845 or H822 series carriers. Alternatively, it is compatible with 20-25 tonne excavators.

The 570 harvesting head is designed to deliver superior debarking, delimbing, and feeding capabilities, while the three-wheel drive system helps power through larger trees. In addition, it is equipped with a two-wheel drive system that improves fuel efficiency and feed speed by up to 30 percent. This unit also features Waratah’s TimberRite H-16 control system, incorporating advanced application configuration capabilities and productive controls into a single operator interface.

This powerful harvesting head is suitable for roadside processing and at-the-stump harvesting. It also features a hydraulic traction control system that allows it to tackle large trees with ease. Its hose-through design also reduces the risk of snagging.

The Tigercat 570 harvesting head is an innovative fixed head harvester attachment that combines the best of previous Tigercat harvester attachments. The Tigercat 570 harvester head offers a 340-degree rotation capacity. Moreover, it has heavy-duty construction, 1000 cc drive motors, and pass-through hose routing on the boom tip.

The company develops and manufactures high-quality wood heads. Its range includes single-grip harvester heads, processor harvesting heads, combi harvesting heads, and energy harvesting heads. Its harvesting heads are known for their outstanding performance and have been used by numerous companies around the world.

The Tigercat H860 harvesting head features twin main lift rams and dipper rams. It also has new rollers and tracks. In addition, the Tigercat FPT N67 Tier 4 engine features new injectors. The tractor is also equipped with a Logmax 7000C harvesting head, which features a V12 multi-speed hub reduction feed motor.

Tigercat 822D track harvester

If you’re considering purchasing a track harvester to harvest pine, Tigercat has many options. Its new H822D track harvester is one of the most versatile models on the market. The track harvester has a 340-degree rotation, dangle head harvester attachment, and a 1000-cc drive motor. It also features a pass-through hose routing on the boom tip.

In July, Nordines Timber Company received a Tigercat machine and had been operating it for two weeks. Mark, who operates the harvester, and his forwarder, were doing select thin on 600 acres of relatively flat terrain. The trees averaged 18-inches in diameter.

The Tigercat 822D track harvester has been specifically designed for forestry work. It comes with a high-quality forestry head and undercarriage. It also features a wide-diameter swing bearing and a thick one-piece turntable.

Powered by a Tier 4f or Tier 2f engine, the Tigercat 822D track harvester offers efficient, clean power. Its engine has a high-capacity cooling system, automatic variable speed fan, and automatic reverse cycle for removing debris.

The tracked feller-buncher cutting head is mounted on a boom for maximum power. The machine comes with delimbing knives and feeding rolls for a safe and efficient cut. Operators should remain well back from the felling equipment until the cutting head has landed.

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