Timberwolf TW Pro HDXL Wood Processor With Air Filter Housing

The Timberwolf TW Pro HDXL is a powerful, high-performance wood processor that will quickly reduce your cutting time by tens of percent. It features a single-stage, high-speed chopping system that will produce a smooth, even finish. In addition, it comes with an air filter housing that is highly effective in trapping debris from the wood.


The Timberwolf PRO-HD XL is a powerful wood processor that handles logs up to 22 inches in diameter and a weight of 9,000 pounds. The machine has a wide 8-foot-deep deck and a 12 foot-wide working deck. It is equipped with a 74 horsepower John Deere diesel engine and features a comfortable operator seat.

The Timberwolf Pro-HD XL wood processor is built with a top-roll clamping system to clamp the logs. Daily maintenance is required, which includes hydraulic fluid and oil changes. The manufacturer recommends regular oil and grease changes. Brett is a member of the Vermont Loggers Association and LEAP-certified, a program administered by the Northeast Stewardship Project. This certification helps the processor meet the requirements of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.


If you’re looking for a high-end processor that can process a high-volume of firewood quickly and efficiently, the Timberwolf PRO-HD is the ideal choice. It offers superior power and efficiency at a price that’s comparable to a chainsaw. Plus, the PRO-HD comes with features you won’t find in similar models at this price, such as a 74 HP diesel engine, 65-gallon hydraulic tank, and standard oil cooler.

Where to buy

The Timberwolf brand of firewood processing equipment is known for its durable, safe, and efficient machines. The company operates two integrated manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York. Its machines are crafted by highly skilled professionals with raw steel that comes from quality North American suppliers.

The Timberwolf PRO-HD XL wood processor splits wood faster than a chainsaw. It is capable of processing logs up to 22 inches in diameter. This machine has a 4.5-second cycle time. It also comes standard with a 74 HP John Deere diesel engine. It also comes with a hydraulic oil cooler and an operator seat for comfort.

The Timberwolf Pro-HD XL wood processor uses a patented top roll clamping system to clamp logs. It also requires daily oil and hydraulic fluid changes to keep it running at peak performance. The manufacturer is serious about maintaining the machine and has included maintenance instructions.

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