Timberwolf Wood Processor

HFP160 Firewood Pro

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is a small but effective wood processor designed for commercial firewood operations. It can split logs up to 16 inches in diameter and splits up to two cords an hour. Its design allows for easy portability, but you may have to make some modifications to fit on your excavator. The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro is designed to work on a skid steer loader, but some customers are making modifications to do it on an excavator. It’s been developing for two years and recently completed a 6-month field trial on a commercial woodlot. This machine is costly, but it offers some of the best features of a commercial-grade firewood processor.

Hahn’s HFP160 Firewood Pro is a skid-steer processor for high-production firewood operations. It features a chain feed conveyor, a powered spiked top roller, and a retractable butt plate. It processes logs up to 16 inches in diameter and is mobile enough to be operated by one person in the cab of a skid-steer loader. Once processed, the records can be deposited on a conveyor or on the ground.

The Hud-Son Little Brute Firewood Processor is an excellent choice for reducing maintenance and operating costs. The machine’s separate hydraulic pumps and blades allow it to split logs in multiple directions simultaneously. It’s a powerful machine, weighing more than six thousand pounds.

Lil Beaver

The Lil Beaver timberwolf wood processor is a portable, low-priced machine for small-scale firewood processing operations. It can cut logs up to 16 inches in diameter and split 1.0 cords per hour. Its user-friendly design and cost-efficiency make it an excellent choice for home users and rental agencies.

The timberwolf wood processor has a hydraulic log lift for easy operation, and a chain infeed allows the operator to advance the log from the control station. The chain is equipped with a spike to grab crooked logs. The integrated 10′ conveyor provides easy cutting, and its mechanical crank makes adjusting the conveyor easy.

This firewood processor also features hydraulic winches for lifting and unloading large logs. It can be set up quickly and easily, and it is portable. Rainier Hydraulics, an industry leader in shear technology, built this machine. The PRO-MP Beaver 1 comes standard with a four-way wedge and can be upgraded to a six-way wedge if desired.


The Timberwolf PRO-MP XL food processor is a powerful wood processor for large-scale firewood processing. It has an average cycle time of 3.5 seconds on its giant machine. Its patented top roll clamping system, and sizeable toothed hourglass roller located at the rear of the feed trough, allow it to split logs as large as 22 inches in diameter. It can also produce up to five cords of firewood an hour. The PRO-MP XL is equipped with a removable operator seat and can be operated by one operator. This machine is a very efficient wood processor and is highly portable and cost-effective.

The PRO-MP XL has a simple live deck that can be set up with a hydraulic winch for quicker setup. It also has a chain-run ten-foot feed trough. Its Top Roll Clamping System provides even pressure on the logs and allows knots to pass through.

The Timberwolf PRO-MP XL is one of the best log splitters on the market. Its design allows you to produce enough split firewood for more than one fireplace. It is also made in the United States, making it an excellent choice for any home or a business owner. Additionally, it features a conveyor that moves split firewood efficiently out of the way. The conveyor comes with a Honda engine but can also be converted to run off the processor’s hydraulics.

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