Timberwolf Wood Processor Air Filter Housing

If you’re in the market for a new firewood processor, it’s time to think about purchasing a T’Wolf wood processor. The company has just expanded their manufacturing operations and inventory of raw materials. They’ve also added a second facility and acquired equipment to manufacture hydraulic components. They leased a 22,000-square-foot building in Syracuse, New York, and have hired 18 new employees.

T’Wolf wood processor air filter housing

If you’re looking for a reliable firewood processor, look no further than the Timberwolf PRO-MPX D. This machine is made specifically for single operator use, and it features all the good stuff of the TW-PRO MP, but with a 50-horsepower Kohler engine and a faster cycle time.

Designed with a patented top roll clamping system to clamp large logs, this unit is fast and durable. Timberwolf takes maintenance seriously and recommends regular oil and hydraulic fluid changes. Their certified dealers cover the Southeast. They include Tree Solutions in Nashville, Tennessee, Texas, and Arkansas, and Chipper LLC in Georgia.

Timberwolf PRO-HD XL firewood processor electric auto-cycle

If you’re in the market for an electric firewood processor, you should take a look at the Timberwolf PRO-HD XL. The new model uses an auto-cycle system, which means that it runs for 4.5 seconds instead of the previous model’s 6.5 seconds. In addition, it comes standard with an eight-way wedge, which allows for the fastest processing possible.

The PRO-HD XL is a powerful machine that can handle logs up to 22 inches in diameter. It weighs 9,000 pounds and has a deck that’s eight feet deep and twelve feet wide. It is powered by a John Deere diesel engine and comes standard with an electric autocycle and hydraulic oil cooler. It is also equipped with a comfortable operator seat for comfort and ease of use.

Electric firewood processors are an environmentally-friendly choice. They don’t use gasoline and are 100% environmental friendly, especially when used in conjunction with solar or wind power. Hakki Pilke offers electric firewood processors with an internal motor, which are lighter and less bulky than their PTO counterparts with separate PowerPacks. Electric firewood processors have no v-belts and are therefore more silent than PTO powered machines. Moreover, the absence of a power pack makes sawdust extraction much easier.

8×10 live log deck

Timberwolf manufactures three models of firewood processors, ranging in power from a 50-hp Hatz diesel engine to a 74-hp version. All three machines feature an 8×10 live log deck and a patented top roll clamping system. They also feature large-toothed hourglass rollers at the rear of the feed trough. In addition to the wood processors, the company also manufactures conveyors for moving and handling firewood.

The company’s growth over the past two years has been concentrated in the Southeast, but the company has been seeing growth in other regions as well. For example, in the Northeast, sales have doubled in the last couple years, and the company now has certified dealers in Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, and Georgia.

Locally made

If you’re looking for an air filter housing for your Timberwolf wood processor, look no further. New York’s Automated Biomass Systems has recently expanded its operations, added warehouse space, and added hydraulic components to its line. And it’s hiring, too. In just two years, the company has more than doubled its sales and boosted its staff to 25 employees.

As the owner of a local company, Brett Lewis understands the importance of quality. He’s proud to be a part of the local economy and has invested in local manufacturing and research. His company’s air filter housing is locally made and includes U.S. made cylinders and valves. And, he knows the people working in the Strafford plant well. He works closely with Butch Rogers and Peter Hincks, and he likes working with them.

Brett has a background in construction, logging, and wood processing. He also grew up on a dairy farm with 500 cows and spent many days helping to milk the cows. While the firewood processing process may be the same as it was when Brett first started processing firewood, the speed and efficiency of firewood processing has changed. His Timberwolf PRO-HD XL, for instance, uses an electric auto-cycle to cut logs in half in 4.5 seconds. Its eight-way wedge is also standard.

In addition to firewood processors, Timberwolf also produces firewood splitters that are suitable for the consumer market. These machines are available in three models, with power ranging from a 50 hp Hatz diesel engine to a 74-hp version. They are also available with a log lift and chainsaw, so they’re great for both home and business needs.

Expansion of T’Wolf wood processors

Timberwolf firewood processing equipment has expanded its manufacturing operations and inventory of raw materials and parts. The company has opened a second facility and hired 18 new employees to staff it. The company was previously located in Vermont, but is now headquartered in New York. It now has two facilities, one in Rochester and the other in Syracuse, New York.

The company offers three different models of firewood processors. The two smallest have 50 hp Hatz diesel engines and the largest has a 74 hp diesel engine. Each model has a patented top roll clamping system, a large toothed hourglass roller, and a rear feed trough for handling firewood.

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