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If you are having trouble finding Timberwolf wood processor parts, you’re not alone. The company has expanded its business to produce firewood processors in recent years and has certified dealers in the Southeast. In Tennessee, the company’s dealer is Tree Solutions, and it is also represented in Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas by Chipper LLC.

Log splitters

Timberwolf firewood processing equipment is made to last. The company’s two fully integrated manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York create machines that meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Every machine is made with raw steel sourced from top North American suppliers and crafted by skilled craftsmen. This means that your log splitter or wood chipper will last for years.

The Timberwolf log splitter is an industrial workhorse that can handle massive logs. Its single-cylinder petrol engine can split wood as thin as a toothpick and is rated to handle 50 tons of load. Regardless of the size of the load, the machine will not deform, even under extreme conditions. This makes it ideal for large, on-site construction crews.

The company’s log splitters are renowned for their durability and performance. Its patented design is a unique feature that makes it stand apart from competitors. Timberwolf log splitters are designed to last a lifetime, which is one of the main advantages of using one. They are also easy to operate and require little maintenance. The company also has excellent customer support, which helps you get the most out of your purchase.

Timberwolf’s Pro-HD XL firewood processor can split logs up to 24 inches in diameter and produce four to five cords per hour. The company’s patented top roll clamping system ensures a firm grip on the logs. It has a heavy-duty frame, a large toothed hourglass roller at the rear of the feed trough, and it also offers a high-performance log splitter.

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Firewood processors

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment offers safe, efficient, and durable machines for processing firewood. Made with quality North American steel, Timberwolf machines are crafted by experienced professionals to last for many years. The company has two fully integrated manufacturing facilities in Upstate New York. Machines are built to order, beginning with raw steel from quality suppliers.

The company’s recent growth has seen the company expand its manufacturing operations and raw material inventory. In addition, the company has added a second manufacturing facility to manufacture hydraulic components. The company leased a 22,000-square-foot building in Syracuse, New York and recently added 18 employees. The company also expanded its sales force.

Timberwolf makes three models of firewood processors. The two largest models range from 50 hp to 74 hp and are equipped with an 8×10 three-stand live log deck. They also feature patented top roll clamping system and a large-tooth hourglass roller at the rear of the feed trough. A conveyor is also available for moving and handling firewood.

Timberwolf firewood processors can handle a large production load. These machines can process several hundred cords per week and are designed to scale with the production level. One-ton dump trucks can be loaded directly from the rear, and conveyors can be adjusted to throw wood to the front or slowly fill the back.

Timberwolf Firewood Processing Equipment has a long history of quality and dependability. The company’s products are made in the USA and have been proven durable and efficient for decades. The company also maintains a strong sales network and an unparalleled customer service experience.

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Spare parts

The Timberwolf firewood processor is one of the most durable wood processors on the market. The company, which is headquartered in Marathon, New York, manufactures all of its equipment in the US. The company’s products are known for their high quality, superior durability, and unmatched customer service experience. The company also provides jobs and supports sister companies in the region.

Timberwolf equipment is designed for firewood businesses, tree service businesses, and homeowners. It is sold through a network of certified dealers. The company has experienced significant growth in recent years. Its Alpha 6 splitter features a Honda gasoline engine that has a 20 horsepower output and can split two cords of firewood per hour. The HD series splitters range from five to 12 hp.

Timberwolf has three different models of firewood processors. Their PRO-MP MP is designed to be operated by one worker and has a patented Top Roll system. The PRO-MP XL is also equipped with a four-way wedge for ease of use. This machine is one of the most cost-effective and efficient firewood processors on the market.

Certified dealers

If you’re in the market for a new or replacement part for a Timberwolf wood processor, you’ve come to the right place. Listed below are the certified dealers for Timberwolf wood processors. If you’re in the market for a new or replacement part, you’ll find it easier to find the right part if you know what you’re looking for.

You can become a dealer by filling out the form below. The information in this document is based on the information provided by Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation, a Vermont-based manufacturer. It includes information about current products as well as planned functions and characteristics of new and replacement parts. The information provided is subject to change without notice.

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Timberwolf wood processors come with a variety of accessories. These include a variety of log feeders and wedges. A patented top roll clamping system, two-speed feed mechanism, and an eight-inch log deck are all available. Some machines also feature a conveyor for moving and handling firewood.

DYNA Products

DYNA Products is the leader in mid-size firewood processors. They are known for their innovation, attention to detail, and commitment to customer feedback. With over 400 processors across North America, DYNA has set the bar for firewood processor performance. From portable bandmills to new innovations in cutting wood, DYNA is on a mission to improve the firewood processor experience.

The company’s line of equipment is designed for firewood companies, tree service companies, and homeowners. Its certified dealer network has helped the company grow significantly in recent years. The Alpha 6 splitter is powered by a 20-horsepower Honda gasoline engine and is able to produce two cords of firewood per hour. The HD series splitters are aimed at the consumer market and are available with five to twelve horsepower engines.

The company expanded its manufacturing facilities and inventories, and added a second facility to produce hydraulic components. They also hired 18 new employees. The new facility in Syracuse, New York, will allow the company to meet the growing demand for their products. The company is a certified dealer in the Southeast region. The company’s products are sold under the Timberwolf brand in Tennessee, Alabama, Texas, and Arkansas.

Timberwolf’s firewood processor features a 40-inch circular saw with a patent-pending design. This allows the operator to have a better view of the cutting process. Additionally, the guillotine-style saw allows for better log drop into the split chamber. The company also manufactures conveyors for moving and handling firewood.

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