Tips For Choosing a Scrap Wood Processor

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What is a Scrap Wood Processor?

A scrap wood processor is a machine designed to process wood scraps into wood chips or sawdust for use in manufacturing processes or as a fuel source. It uses blades and motors to quickly cut and break down wood into smaller pieces. Scrap wood processors are used in a variety of industries, including lumber production, paper production, and furniture manufacturing. The machines are also used in the production of biofuel and other alternative energy sources.

Scrap wood processors are designed to be able to process large amounts of wood quickly and efficiently. The machines feature adjustable blades and motors that can be set to cut wood into different sizes. The blades can be changed depending on the type of wood being processed and the desired size of the end product. The processors are also able to produce wood chips in a variety of shapes and sizes depending on the application.

Scrap wood processors are a key component of many woodworking and manufacturing processes. They allow for the quick and efficient processing of wood scraps, allowing for a higher yield of usable wood products. The processors are also a key component of many alternative energy sources, providing a reliable source of biomass to be used as fuel.

You have several choices when looking for a scrap wood processor. You can choose from brands like Ecowaste, ANDRITZ, Wiscon, and Lindner-Recyclingtech. Here are some tips for selecting a scrap wood processor: Know what you want from your processor and what it can do for you.


The Lindner-Recyclingtech scrap wood processor is a versatile equipment with various benefits. Its upstream star screen separates metals and plastics from the input material, while the downstream star screen filters material very thoroughly. This process produces low noise and minimizes agglomerates. This machine shreds wood to a specified particle size.

At Waste Wood Days 2019, Lindner Recyclingtech GmbH is showcasing its signature mobile system solutions for efficient fuel production and processing. The company’s advanced shredding technology can turn discarded wood into profitable fuel. The company has 70 years of engineering experience and is a reliable partner in waste wood processing. The company also presents a new system solution comprising a Zeta Star 95F2 star screen and an Urraco 95DK shredder. This system was designed and supplied for the Altenstadt combined heat and power plant in Upper Bavaria, Germany.

Lindner-Recyclingtech’s Urraco and Miura series waste wood shredders offer high throughput rates. They are built with heavy-duty construction and can process up to 140 tons of waste wood per hour. The Miura 1500 shredder features a fast exchange system, which has become a standard in the industry.

Lindner-Recyclingtech is an Austrian company that focuses on crushing and recycling wood waste. It is a family-owned company with three production facilities in Austria. It employs more than 300 people worldwide. Its products are used to process waste in various industries.

Lindner-Recyclingtech is committed to a resource-efficient future. Its innovative products and proven solutions make it a valuable partner in the waste paper industry. The shredded material is then used for insulation and other uses. Recycling wood is an integral part of the sustainability agenda.

Enviro Grind

Enviro Grind is an environmentally friendly scrap wood processor in Donegal, Ireland. The company has over 20 years of experience in the horticultural and processing industries. They have a focus on the use of recycled materials and offer a variety of products, including wood chips, wood pallets, and demolition wood waste.

The company’s process is automated and provides turnkey solutions for companies. The company will help customers to find buyers for their products and improve their monthly operational profits. They will also help their customers reduce their carbon footprint, which is valuable for companies looking to be sustainable suppliers. This makes the company’s products more desirable to these companies looking for environmentally friendly suppliers.

Wood waste is a severe environmental problem. If recycled incorrectly, it can create health and environmental issues for an entire community. That’s why wood grinding is the most environmentally friendly process to dispose of wood waste. It is more cost-effective, faster, and accessible than traditional methods and can provide many environmental benefits. With the help of a wood processor, wood particles that would otherwise be discarded as garbage can be turned into mulch, wood chips, and particleboard.

The researchers studied waste wood fibreboard using bio-rejects. They mathematically calculated primary technological parameters and compared qualitative characteristics. This allowed them to determine the potential of this technology. The research involved different grinding equipment and various biomass. As a result, they could produce high-quality recycled wood fiber.


The Wiscon scrap wood processor is a manufacturer of used and new wood pallets and custom-designed wood packaging. This company also sells industrial lumber and offers a variety of services. Their products include hardwood, softwood, and plywood. Additionally, they offer VMI and stock-on-ground programs. They also provide contract repair services. The company also recycles scrap and burns it for fuel at its 65,000-square-foot facility.


An ANDRITZ scrap wood processor turns wood waste into reusable products and reduces your carbon footprint. This machine can process a wide range of bulk materials and is highly energy-efficient. It works at a low noise level, which minimizes your environmental impact. Moreover, it can process a large volume of wood in one pass.

The Andritz Group is headquartered in Graz, Austria. The company has extensive experience in developing and building turnkey recycling plants. Its product range includes equipment for the hydropower, paper, and metal industries. Additionally, it provides equipment for the municipal sector. It has a long wood industry history and a diverse product portfolio.

ANDRITZ offers a comprehensive range of scrap wood processors and other wood processing systems. These machines can be integrated into complete plants or used individually. They use advanced technologies to maximize the utilization of raw materials while minimizing energy costs, waste wood, and maintenance requirements. ANDRITZ also offers a complete package of recycling and renewable energy solutions. This includes woodyard portal cranes, debarking drums, chippers, chip screens, biomass crushers, and pre-steaming bins.

ANDRITZ will present a broad range of recycling equipment at IFAT 2020, an exhibition of waste management and water treatment equipment. This year’s IFAT will be held from May 4 through 8 in Munich. The company will present its extensive product portfolio, innovations, and automation solutions at this event.

The MEWa recycling technology from ANDRITZ offers a variety of solutions for recycling industrial and household waste. Machines can break down waste into highly-valuable secondary raw materials. They also produce high-calorific RDF and non-combustible fractions. Moreover, the devices have high throughputs, which ensures maximum efficiency.