Top Residential Wood Processors

Cord King CS Series

The Cord King CS Series residential wood processor is one of the most powerful firewood processors on the market today. It features an industry-leading cut-to-cut time of less than five seconds, and can process anywhere from four to ten cords of firewood per hour. It is also one of the easiest models to operate, maintain, and repair. Its high production rates are the result of a robust design and its ability to handle multiple types of logs. The CS Series also comes with a fully-equipped training kit and a service team of experts who are there to answer questions or offer assistance.

The Cord King CS Series residential wood processor is made in Canada by a company known for quality and reliability. The company has sold machineries to more than 16 countries, and continues to improve their product line. Their firewood processors are backed by strict quality assurance standards, and each machine can be customized to meet the specifications of any customer. Its customer service team is staffed by experts who provide support after the sale and provide training for the operator. The company has received worldwide recognition and has been featured on the TV show “World’s Greatest”.

The Cord King CS Series residential wood processor has been used by customers in more than 16 countries around the world. It has over 20,000 machines installed, and its user-friendly design makes it easy to use. It can process up to four cords of firewood an hour, which is impressive for a wood processor.

The Cord King CS Series residential wood processor is one of the most popular firewood processors available today. It can be purchased for around $170. You will have to decide on the size of the machine you need. It’s important to decide how much firewood you’ll process at a time. Different markets require different processing levels. For example, people with large outdoor wood boilers will need a high-volume of hardwood, while restaurants with wood-fired ovens will need small amounts of softwood.

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Yard MAX half beam gas firewood processor

The Yard MAX half beam gas firewood processor is a powerful yet simple piece of equipment. It can handle up to 35 tons of firewood. Using this machine requires some assembly, but once set up, it will produce up to a cord of firewood every hour. It features a 540 RPM PTO drive and a standard log arm that measures 10in by 6ft. The machine uses a 37-horsepower EFI Briggs and Stratton engine and a U-Beam structural design to produce sturdy, durable, and efficient firewood.

The Yard MAX half beam gas firewood processor is not a circular saw firewood processor, but instead uses heavy pressure to split and stack the wood. It produces about 28-30 tons of pressure, which is enough to cut a cord of firewood in just one hour. This processor is designed to fit on a pick-up truck, but it can be converted for use with wheel loaders and small excavators.

There are many reasons to buy a wood processor. These machines come with moving parts and can break down if not taken care of properly. Fortunately, some companies rent these machines, and some owners come to your home to process the wood for you. Additionally, many companies have second-hand machines for sale, which can save you a lot of money.

Another reason to buy a firewood processor is because they make processing firewood easier and faster. Firewood processors are a good investment for any firewood business. Not only are they a great way to keep up with your supply of firewood, but they are also safer to use.

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The Sun Joe LJ10M residential wood processor is a powerful tool for splitting wood. It’s 18 inches long and eight inches wide, with a large capacity. It uses a powerful RAM spring to split wood without jamming or clogging. It also features premium steel construction, long dual handles, piston rods, and multiple wheels for portability.

The firewood processor’s heavy-duty design allows it to process over a cord of firewood per hour. It works with logs up to 16 inches in diameter and can split rounds two, four, or six ways. The 83-lpm, 3625-psi hydraulic pump allows the processor to split logs evenly, leaving pieces of firewood that are about 12 inches long.

The Sun Joe LJ10M residential wood processor can handle up to ten cubic feet of wood per hour. The saw blade can be up to 12 feet long and will cut a log to 24 inches in diameter. It comes with a one-year warranty. The unit also includes a three-month warranty for commercial use. The machine is easy to maneuver and is light, making it ideal for the winter season.

The Sun Joe LJ10M 10-ton hydraulic log splitter is perfect for processing large logs in your yard. The machine is extremely powerful with ten tons of driving force. You can split a log as large as eight inches in diameter with this machine. It also has a low noise level, making it perfect for indoor use. The machine starts with a push of a button and requires no gas.

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Transaw wood processor

The Transaw wood processor is one of the most powerful firewood processors available today. It has an impressive feature set and is easy to operate. It can process up to six cubic meters per hour. It has low power consumption, a high-speed cutting system, and an adjustable speed control. It’s also easy to transport and can be operated by one person.

The Transaw wood processor can process a 10-inch diameter log in four passes. It features a unique splitting knife for a clean cut. This machine is designed for residential use, but it’s also great for contractors. The portable design means you can process a cord of wood in a single day. You can choose from a variety of different models to suit your needs.

The Transaw is perfect for small and medium-sized operations. It has a 24 HP Kohler diesel engine and is the most efficient compact processor ever made. It also has a custom-built 4″ cylinder with high-speed return and a multi-wedge option. Whether you’re starting out or producing on a full-time basis, this unit will be the perfect choice.

For the most part, this wood processor has a high production rate, enabling it to process large trees. Some models can process four to ten cords per hour. Moreover, they have one of the best cut-to-cut times in the industry. The Transaw 350XLS is capable of splitting two and four-way timber without the need for tools. In addition to that, it has a built-in dust extraction system that collects sawdust.

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Built-Rite Mfg.

Founded in 1938 as a blacksmith shop, Built-Rite Mfg. today manufactures tractor parts. Its machinery operators multi-task between six CNC machines, four milling machines and two lathes. This manufacturing company also manufactures precision parts for construction equipment such as trenching and boring equipment. It also manufactures gear reducers for heavy machinery.

Innovating is a key part of Built-Rite Mfg.’s success. The company is recognized for numerous industry innovations. For example, its Multi-Wedge Wood Splitting System is patented. Its Scissor Clamp design is another industry first. Other industry firsts include Built-Rite Mfg. machines that are equipped with log stops and integrated folding conveyors. In addition, the company plans to introduce a mid-size circular saw, which incorporates a bundlewood wedge into the splitter trough.

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