Turner Wood Processor

What is a Turner Wood Processor?

A Turner Wood Processor is a machine used for cutting and splitting firewood. It is a combination of a sawmill, a hydraulic log splitter, and a conveyor system. This machine is capable of quickly cutting, splitting and stacking firewood within a short amount of time. It is mainly used by commercial firewood producers and can handle logs of up to 24" in diameter. The Turner Wood Processor is a fast and efficient way to meet the demands of a busy firewood business.

The log turner is a key piece of equipment for the sawmill industry, but there are a few key challenges to setting the control parameters of log turners. Despite the input of data, process control personnel know that the results may not be what they expected. One company, FPInnovations, has been focusing on improving log turner performance and accuracy by using artificial intelligence. This new technology has the potential to revolutionize the wood products industry.

Smart Turner

FPInnovations has been working to make its Log Turner optimizer smarter and more accurate, and is now releasing a new 1-pager to explain how this new technology can benefit your business. The new document includes a number of actions to improve the efficiency of your machine and a detailed description of how you can make the transition to an intelligent log turner.

The Smart Turner is a handy tool that you can use to turn and roll logs. Unlike reversible ratchets and cant hooks, it holds the log in a secure grip throughout the process, allowing you to turn it slowly and efficiently. It also allows you to work from your knees, sparing your back while making you stronger. This is an ideal machine for anyone who works with a lot of logs.

18 SCP

The 18 SCP turner wood processor is the perfect machine for the part-time or start-up firewood producer. The machine includes a log loader and a 20′ hyd. chainsaw to process logs up to 16′ in diameter. The machine uses a 30 HP Kohler engine to power the cutting and splitting blades.

This processor has a built-in hydraulic log lift for added safety. It also features a built-in scissor clamp, which holds logs securely. Logs up to 16′ diameter can be processed with this machine, and an optional four-foot feed trough extension increases the capacity to 22′ logs. The 20-inch hydraulic chainsaw with Oregon bar is standard. The hydraulic 4 way wedge can split logs two or four ways.

20′ hyd. chainsaw

If you are in the market for a new chainsaw, consider the 20′ hyd. chainsaw from Turner. This saw comes standard with a 21-hp gas engine and a three-phase electric motor. You can choose between two different conveyor sizes, and this chainsaw can process logs up to 20′ in diameter. You can also purchase an optional 4′ feed trough extension, which can handle logs up to 22′.

Hydraulic chainsaws are a popular choice for wood processors. They are robust and lightweight, and are designed for a variety of applications. Many of them are powered by low-pressure hydraulic power and operate on an elevated work platform. They are also more affordable than a traditional circular saw.

These chainsaws are suitable for large pieces of wood, and the narrow bar prevents the chain from stalling. Besides, the hydraulic ram keeps the chain from getting jammed, and they have a pressure relief valve to relieve the excess pressure. In addition, they have a return filter for reducing the cycle time.

Another option for firewood processors is the 18 HP Firewood Processor. This machine can cut and split up to four cords per hour when the wood is ideal. Other features include a 7 1/2′ live deck, log stops, and a 25′ hyd. chainsaw, which is suitable for cutting logs up to 20 inches in diameter. All of these options come standard on this model, making it an excellent choice for firewood processing.

This machine is ideal for a part-time firewood producer or start-up business. It comes with a log loader and a 20′ hyd. chainsaw to make large logs. This machine comes with a 30-hp Kohler engine.

Manure spreader

The Manure Spreader is a powerful piece of equipment that can help you process your wood and make it ready for selling. Unlike conventional methods of spreading manure, the Manure Spreader allows you to spread a much larger quantity of material in a shorter amount of time. This equipment works by spreading the manure evenly and creating an air space for the microorganisms to grow. This increases the oxygen and moisture content in the pile, which is vital for composting.