How to Take Care of a Log Deck Chain

If you own a log deck chain, you’ll want to take care of it properly. Here are some tips for maintenance, including safety precautions. In addition, read on for more information about the different types of chains available. It would help if you also learned about how to repair broken links. After you’ve learned all that, you should be ready to make your log deck chain last a lifetime.

If the links on your log deck chain are broken or damaged, you may need to replace them. You can purchase 3/8-lp links, which will work with short chains. They should be available at most hardware stores, so shop before purchasing new chains. In addition, you should make sure that the structure of your chain is in good condition. Make sure that troughs and sprocket mounts are intact, too.

Safety precautions

Crew members must follow certain safety precautions when using a log deck chain. For example, they should be at least 40 feet from the maximum swing radius of the most extended log. Failure to be “in the clear” is the number one cause of severe logging accidents. Being “in the clear” means knowing what hazards are in front of you and using barriers to avoid them.

Logs on a log deck should be secured with two tie-downs at the bunk ends, with at least one across the stacks. These tie-downs do not have to be attached to the vehicle. However, they must be secured to the logs by two wrappers. The wrappers must be positioned, so the logs are securely anchored.

Another essential safety precaution involves the use of a deadman anchor. While deadman anchors are permitted, they should not be directly attached to a log deck chain. A suitable strap must be used. Moreover, all rigging must be regularly inspected. If they become insecure or deteriorate, they should be removed from service immediately.

If the rigging is suspended, employees must avoid it to reduce the hazards. They should only approach the working circle once the operator says that it is safe to come. It is also essential to use the proper chokers. This prevents employees from rolling logs while they are coiled.

Types of chain

There are various types of log deck chains. Some are made of stainless steel, cast iron, or nylon. These can be used in different applications, including the wood processing industry. Some chains are designed for various purposes, such as transporting logs, plywood, OSB, or medium-density fiberboard. Other types include split, segmented, or welded chains. Some classes are designed to withstand high loads, while others are designed to withstand low loads.

Some chains are made of a single strand, while others are triple strands. You can also get them in different sizes to suit your needs. These chains are used for conveying logs in sawmill operations. They come in standard, medium, and heavy-duty versions. Some of them are operated using two pedals, one for forward and reverse the movement and the other for stop and loader functions. You can opt for push-button control if you need more control over the chain.

Welded steel mill chains are ideal for conveying most materials. They are often used in lumber, pulp & paper, plywood, OSB, and board mills. They feature low friction coefficients and a variety of pitch sizes. The chains are also available in different sizes and shapes.