Types of Portable Fire Wood Processors

Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor looking to reduce the amount of firewood you have to store, a portable fire wood processor can be a useful tool. There are a few different types of portable processors to choose from. These include the Hahn HFP160, Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS, Cord King CS-Series, and Hakki Pilke 50 Pro.

Hahn HFP160

The Hahn HFP160 portable fire wood process is an affordable option for firewood processing. It has a cutting capacity of 20 inches and can split wood into four, six, or eight pieces. It is made for a skid steer loader, but some customers are making modifications to fit the unit on excavators. The unit has been in development for two years and has undergone a six-month field trial on a commercial woodlot.

The Hahn HFP160 portable fire wood processer is an attachment that transforms a wheel loader, skid steer loader, or compact track loader into a fully functional firewood processor. Its features include a chain feed conveyor, powered spiked top roller, and retractable butt plate. It can process logs up to sixteen inches in diameter and weighs over 2,000 pounds. The Hahn HFP160 has two models to meet the needs of a commercial firewood processing business.

The Hahn HFP160 Firewood Pro can process more than a cord of firewood an hour. Its hydraulic system allows it to be fully mobile, and it features an ergonomic operator station with dual joysticks. It also has an auto-retract feature.

Multitek Pro Model 1620 SS

Multitek has designed the 1620 SS portable fire wood processor with mobility, speed, and efficiency in mind. This midsize machine is capable of processing up to three cords of firewood per hour. Its patented guillotine cutting system reduces maintenance and increases machine productivity. It also comes with a 40-inch insert-tooth circular saw. Its versatile design allows it to handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter.

This portable fire wood processor comes with a patented cutting system and hydraulic winch that make it ideal for processing large quantities of wood. The Multitek 1620 SS is capable of processing two to three cords of wood per hour and can split up to 12 feet of logs. The machine also features an outfeed conveyor for easy loading and unloading.

The Multitek 1620 SS is a powerful machine with an ergonomic operator station. Its 40-inch sawblade can be turned at 1400 RPM, enabling it to split and cut firewood simultaneously. It also has a 44-horsepower turbo-charged diesel engine that maximizes productivity. Other features of this machine include a 3-strand hydraulic log deck and Multitek’s exclusive log flippers. Additionally, it can be configured with four, six, or eight-way hydraulic wedges and can be equipped with a 20 or 30 foot stacking conveyor.

Cord King CS-Series

The Cord King CS-Series portable firewood processor has many benefits, including being easy to use and easy to move. It is easily operated by excavator or skid steer, and is equipped with a hydraulic system that makes it quick to set up and relocate. It is manufactured by Rainier Hydraulics, one of the leading names in firewood processor technology since 1984. This firewood processor is fully automatic, and can process and delimb twelve-foot logs with ease.

Cord King claims that its firewood processor is the fastest on the market, with cycle times of four seconds for splitting and cutting. The machine is built in Ottawa, Canada, and has a circular cutoff saw that lasts up to 1500 cords before needing a sharpening. The blade can be sharpened in just 20 minutes using a simple sharpening tool. However, before using the Cord King CS-Series, it is important to ensure that logs are free of debris and insects.

Another advantage of the Cord King CS-Series portable firewood processor is that it is easy to use, requires very little space, and requires very little maintenance. You can even rent a processor from a rental company. The price of this machine varies based on a few factors. The amount of wood it splits, the pressure it uses, and the number of splits per hour will determine the price.

Hakki Pilke 50 Pro

The Hakki Pilke 50 PRO portable fire wood processor is an industrial-grade machine that is both compact and highly portable. It is made of high-quality Finnish components and is backed by 30 years of manufacturing experience. Its large capacity and wide range of features make it an excellent choice for firewood preparation.

The Hakki Pilke 50 Pro is equipped with a hydraulic measuring device that allows you to set the length of the firewood accurately. This measurement mechanism has a range of 20 to 60 cm, and a hydraulic cylinder keeps the chain tension optimal. You no longer have to worry about the saw chain slipping and falling off the saw. To adjust the chain tension, just loosen the bolts on the saw bar and fastening plate C.

The Hakki Pilke 50 Pro portable firewood processor was developed by firewood experts. It is tested and proven to work well with various wood types around the world. It has been described as a one-man firewood factory because of its wide range of features. It is ergonomic and has a HakkiCutTM sawing interface that makes it easy to operate. The machine also features a joystick control for smooth operation.

Hahn RCA 400 Joy

The Hahn RCA 400 Joy portable firewood processor is a powerful machine for splitting and preparing firewood. This heavy-duty machine can split logs of up to 40cm in diameter. It also comes with an adjustable split wedge and is equipped with a self-contained hydraulic system. Depending on the size of logs, it can produce a cord of firewood per hour. Its design makes it ideal for use on a skid steer loader. It is easy to operate and weighs about 1250 pounds. It also has a heavy-duty, powder-coated steel construction.

This firewood processor is powered by a tractor’s PTO and is designed to be transported easily. It can be easily mounted on a 3 PT hitch and is also compatible with optional RN 3000 Live Deck. The Hahn RCA 400 Joy portable firewood processor requires an electrical system that is capable of providing 12V 30A for its self-contained hydraulic system.

The Hahn RCA 400 Joy portable firewood processor is a multi-purpose machine that is easy to operate and comes with an ergonomic operator station. It has dual joysticks and an auto-retract feature. It comes with many add-ons for a variety of uses.

Timberwolf TW-PRO MP XL

The Timberwolf TW-PRO MP Xl portable fire wood processor is a high-end machine with a powerful engine that can process up to five cords per hour. It features a heavy-duty frame and a patented Top Roll system for splitting logs up to twenty-four inches in diameter. Its hydraulically operated conveyor and large toothed hourglass roller at the rear of the feed trough will allow you to process large logs in a matter of seconds.

Initially, Timberwolf Manufacturing Corporation operated for 10 years in Vermont before selling the intellectual property to Automated Biomass Systems in Marathon, New York. This move allowed the company to offer heavy-duty models and reduce lead times for new machines. Now, lead times range from four to five weeks for fire wood processors and six to eight weeks for splitters.

Another model, the Hahn HFP160, is a versatile firewood processor that splits wood up to 20 inches. It has a PTO drive for easy operation and is lightweight at only twelve hundred and fifty pounds. Its powder-coated steel construction makes it extremely durable.

Apache 300 Japa

The Apache 300 Japa portable fire wood processor is a good choice for those who want to process a lot of wood quickly and safely. Its design makes it easy to move and has ergonomic controls to make the job easier. It also comes with a hydraulic chainsaw, which rotates only when the logs need to be cut. The saw handle lowers when the wood is ready for processing. A 4-way wedge knife is included to help cut logs of smaller diameter.

The Apache 300 Japa is an excellent choice for processing firewood and is an ideal choice for small businesses or for home users. It is easy to operate and has a powerful hydraulic system, allowing it to process logs of up to 12 feet in length. This firewood processor also has a highway subframe and a suspension axle, which makes it easy to transport.

The Apache 300 Japa portable fire wood processor is available in several sizes, including a one-person model. This model is suited for a single operator and has a production capacity of two to three cords per hour. It has a 7.5-foot infeed conveyor and a 5.6-ton splitting power. It also has an extra safety feature – you are far removed from the moving saw chain.

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