Used Wood Processor For Sale

You can opt for a used one if you need a firewood processor. You can also check out the portable firewood processors made by Hud-Son, including the portable Wolverine M. It can be used to chop, chip, and process wood.

Hud-Son’s portable Wolverine M

The portable Wolverine M wood processor from Hud-Son Forest Equipment is the perfect solution for the homeowner, farmer, or small wood business owner who needs a reliable and effective firewood processor. This unit can be moved from one place to another with an ATV and is powered by a 10-horsepower engine and a two-stage hydraulic pump. The Wolverine M can split logs into two or four pieces depending on the size of the record and desired length.

The Badger has a variable wedge for splitting logs and saws and a chip separator. This model can process one cord per hour. It is towable with a 2-inch ball hitch. The Badger is also capable of processing up to 24″ logs.

Hud-Son’s skid steers firewood processors.

Hud-Son skid steer firewood processors are a versatile piece of equipment. They are capable of processing firewood in a variety of applications, from commercial operations to small-scale homes. They are operated from the cab of a skid steer, allowing a single person to produce firewood. For example, a unit can have three to five cords of firewood per hour. A large-scale machine can process up to 20′ logs per hour.

The Hud-Son firewood processor can be purchased for a modest amount of money. There are several models for sale below $20k. If you want to save money, you may want to consider renting or hiring a machine. You can search on youtube using the keywords “firewood processors for sale” or “firewood processor.”

Firewood processors can be purchased from dealers or online. Some models come with additional harnesses. While contractors and other individuals use most firewood processors, some models are specifically designed for residential use. Firewood processors from Hud-Son can be used in commercial and residential environments. Firewood processors are an excellent tool for processing large volumes of firewood.

One company selling these firewood processors has a YouTube channel. The channel features 55 videos, ranging from one minute to nearly twelve minutes long. These videos are made by the founder, A.J. Shaver, and have helped to spread the word about firewood processors. Some of the videos have been used on the company’s website and in videos.

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