Used Fire Wood Processors

Consider the brand’s reputation and customer feedback when buying a used firewood processor. Read testimonials, check out the brand’s website and visit the factory to test the machine. Commercial processors process thousands of cords of wood each year, so any downtime could put the operation behind orders and affect the bottom line.

Rima RM7-20TA480(EU)

If you’re considering purchasing a used firewood processor, check out the Cord King CS20-40. This model was recently featured in an independent sawmill & woodlot magazine, and it was the most productive of all the firewood processors tested. It can chop and process between four and ten cords of firewood per hour and has an industry-leading cut-to-cut cycle time of three to five seconds.

Cord King M-Series

Cord King is an excellent choice if you want to purchase a used firewood processor. They manufacture an extensive range of machines that make converting logs into cooking wood, fuel wood, and packaged firewood easy and affordable. Cord King has gained a global reputation for its high-quality and reliable machines. And they have the industry’s best warranty.

Cord King M-Series processors use the standard.404 harvester bar saw to cut large logs with a high production rate. Their construction quality and powerful engines enable them to split up to 5 cords of firewood an hour. The Cord King M-Series models also feature a 29-ton splitter and a lifetime splitting chamber warranty.

SpaltFix S-377 Multi

The SpaltFix S-377 Multi is a compact firewood processor suitable for small-scale processing. It is a stand-alone model that features a cutting and splitting system. The MULTI splitting system turns logs up to 41 cm in diameter into two, six, or twelve billets per work cycle without wedge changes. It is also easy to use and is controlled with a joystick.

In a recent study, the performance of five small-scale firewood processing plants was evaluated. The five units were tested using beech logs of the same length. The results showed a range of productivity between 1.1 and 2.1 t 1 and a cost of 20 to 39 EUR per tonne. The results suggested that the differences between individual units were partly due to operator effects. However, it was found that feeding the machines with sorted logs increased productivity and reduced costs by 34%.

Hud-son Firewood Bundler

The Hud-Son Firewood Bundler is a heavy-duty portable firewood processor that bundles up to 128 cubic-foot bundles. Its wheels make it easy to move around a work site and store when not in use. It can process firewood with lengths ranging from 14″ to 24″. This firewood processor also has a chip separator tray.

A firewood bundler makes it easy to bundle firewood for sale. The Hud-Son Firewood Bundler Electric firewood bundler is simple to operate. It can wrap firewood that is 14″ to 24″ long and weighs up to 1 cubic foot. It comes standard with an 11″ wrap made of 60 gauge wire.

The company has an extensive YouTube channel. The videos are informative and helpful. Many videos are created by A.J. Shaver using an iPhone or GoPro camera. This helps him market the firewood processor to customers. Some videos are even used on the company’s website.

The Hud-Son Firewood Bundler can be used for processing firewood and can be used to bundle small bundles for home use. It is a relatively inexpensive alternative to purchasing a firewood bundler. The emerald ash borer has made transporting firewood and other products illegal, so there is a growing demand for pre-packaged firewood. Firewood bundlers can also be used to sell firewood to campgrounds, who usually purchase small bundles when they arrive.


The Japa used firewood processors are made in Finland and are designed to make firewood processing easy and safe. They come standard with a wood chute and a powered infeed conveyor. The Japa 315+ is a good choice for home use and shares. It features a four-way wedge knife that quickly cuts through smaller diameter logs. You can also find a portable Japa 315, the Japa 365+ Pro.

Japa-used firewood processors are available at tractorpool and other used machine exchanges. They can be purchased for a fraction of their original price. The best place to find a used firewood processor is from a reputable dealer. DYNA Products was founded in 2007 and has become one of the market leaders in this industry. The company began by manufacturing portable bandmills but has since focused on producing firewood processors.

A firewood processor is a powerful machine designed to cut and split firewood. Most models have four parts, each dedicated to a specific function. Before the logs are split, they must be de-limbed and cut to the appropriate length. Popular firewood processor brands include Multitek, Wood Beaver, and Hakki Pilke. Firewood processors are used by many individuals, both privately and commercially. Some are even rented out.

A firewood processor allows you to streamline cutting, splitting, and loading logs. This helps reduce the environmental impact and can help you organize your worksite. These processors also produce split logs more efficiently, resulting in more energy savings and lower carbon dioxide emissions. These benefits make it easier for people to keep their homes warm without burning more wood.

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