Used Wood Beever Firewood Processors

What is a Used Wood Beaver Firewood Processor?

A used wood beaver firewood processor is a device used to quickly and safely convert logs into firewood. It uses a high-powered hydraulic system to cut logs into firewood quickly and efficiently. The processor is designed with a large hopper that accepts logs up to 20 inches in diameter, and the resulting pieces of firewood can be up to 18 inches long. Additionally, the processor can be used to process other materials, such as pallets, for firewood. The processor is also equipped with safety features, including a hydraulic safety valve, to ensure safe operation.

Apache Model 300 Japa

Apache is the manufacturer of superior firewood processing equipment and accessories. The Apache Model 300 Japa is a compact one-person model capable of bucking and processing logs up to 20″ in diameter. It can produce a cord of firewood per hour and features an independent hydraulic system. It also has a 13-horsepower Honda engine. Other features of the Apache 300 Japa include a highway subframe, suspension axle, and hitch.

The Pro-MP Beaver 1 firewood processor can grind and process large logs in minutes. Its hydraulic saw has a 4.5-second cycle time and features a sawdust clean-out chute. It is also portable and easy to set up. The processor’s hydraulic system also includes a CAM measurement system. It is designed for use by both men and women.

If you’re looking for a quality used Apache Model 300 Japa, consider model 16. It’s a solid workhorse and enables you to boost your production at BTM Lawn Care. This unit is perfect for small business owners who must process logs daily. It’s simple to operate and user-friendly for both women and men.

The Apache Model 300 Japa is the most popular and influential of the Apache models. It processes two to three cords per hour and has a capacity of up to 5.6 tons. Both models are powered by a diesel or PTO gas engine. The Apache Model 300 Japa firewood processor has a five-year warranty.

Multitek 1620 SS

Multitek’s 1620 SS wood beaver processors feature a patented guillotine-cutting system, which reduces maintenance and maximizes machine productivity. This firewood processor can handle logs up to 16 inches in diameter. It is a mid-sized machine with excellent performance and is available in several sizes and configurations.

The Multitek Beaver 1 firewood processor is easy to operate and offers exceptional performance, serviceability, and support. It is built for easy cleaning and has multiple safety features. The machine is also designed to process different types of wood. At a recent trade show in Richmond, Wood Beaver Forestry Equipment demonstrated a Model 18 firewood processor. This machine is capable of processing one to two cords per hour.

A Wood Beaver firewood processor can help you speed up production at your business. BTM Lawn Care has used a Model 16 firewood processor to increase production and reduce costs. It is designed to be easy to operate and can be performed by one person. This machine is user-friendly and ideal for small businesses.

This used wood beaver processor is one of the many firewood processors available. It has a one-person operator and an independent hydraulic system powered by a 13-horsepower Honda engine. It can process one cord of firewood an hour and comes with a hitch, highway subframe, and suspension axle.

Cord King Compact

The Cord King Compact firewood processor has been in production since 1978 and is sold worldwide. It features off-the-shelf components and a design that maximizes productivity. It can produce up to 9,000 cords in a standard working year and has three to four seconds cycle time. The compact model is also customizable to match the raw material and finished products.

The Cord King firewood processor is one of the oldest and most popular on the market. Its price ranges from K to 0K, making it an affordable choice on a tight budget for firewood producers. The Cord King firewood processor has many advantages over other wood processors. Its main components include a pivotally mounted support structure and a cutting unit. The cutting unit and conveying member are attached to the working end, and a ram is situated adjacent to the working end.

The Cord King Compact is easy to use and can be operated by a skid steer or an excavator. The machine has a hydraulic system and can be quickly set up and relocated. The manufacturer of the Cord King Compact, Rainier Hydraulics, has been a leading name in firewood processor technology since 1984. The company’s CHOMPER system is the only fully automatic processor. The processor automatically feeds the log and cuts and splits the log.

One of the advantages of this used firewood processor is that it can process logs up to twelve feet long and delimb logs. This makes it a valuable investment in the firewood industry.


The Timberwolf used wood beaver firewood process is a single-operator firewood processor that can process a single 18-inch hardwood log in approximately 3 seconds. This machine features a Yanmar engine, live decks, and Timberwolf’s patented Top Roll clamping system. This model is ideal for small-scale processing operations.

The Timberwolf firewood process weighs about 6,400 pounds and features a patented 40-inch circular saw. This saw is engineered to provide better visibility for the operator while the log falls into the split chamber. The saw is also more efficient, reducing maintenance and improving productivity. It is rated to process two to three cords per hour and can process logs as large as 16 inches in diameter.

The Timberwolf PRO-MP firewood processor is one of the company’s most popular models. It’s operated by a single worker and comes with a live deck, patented Top Roll clamping system, and roller guide. It can process logs up to 18 inches in diameter and comes with a super-fast hydraulic cut-off saw. This model also features a 36-HP Yanmar engine. It is available in a diesel or PTO gas model.

The Timberwolf used wood beaver firewood processer is the evolution of the Little Beaver 16. This model is larger and more powerful than its predecessor. The model 18 BAB has a gas or diesel engine and can process up to three hundred cords weekly. This model can also load a one-ton dump truck from the rear. Its conveyor can be adjusted to throw the wood to the front or fill the back.