Wallenstein WP835 Wood Processor

When you are looking to buy a Wallenstein wood processor, you have several different options. They include the Halverson HWP 130, which is built for rugged conditions. This model has an easy-to-use operation and is convenient to store. This model has many features that make it an excellent choice for any home or office.

Halverson HWP 130 wood processor is built for rugged conditions.

This rugged wood processor is easy to use and has a large capacity. This unit is designed to process firewood up to a cord and a half in a single session. It also meets federal safety standards. Its chain is easy to adjust and comes with an automatic oiler. The machine can process a cord and a half of firewood an hour, making it great for home use.

This wood processor can process up to 16-inch diameter wood and has speeds similar to those of an industrial firewood processor. Its two models are 140B, a heavy-duty version with a processing capacity of six cubic meters per hour, and 120, a medium-duty model with four cubic meters per hour. Both models feature easy-to-use controls and have low power and running costs. These models have long-lasting performance and require little maintenance.

The Halverson HWP 130 wood processor offers a variety of features and is designed for rugged conditions. It can be mounted on a skid steer, excavator, or wheel loader. This unit is a highly-rated machine among professional firewood processors and is available in manual and hydraulic versions.

Easy to operate

The Wallenstein WP835 Wood Processor is one of the most versatile wood processors on the market today. It features an adjustable four-way wedge, hydraulic winch, electric start, and automatic splitting cycle. It can also be equipped with optional accessories, such as a chainsaw holder and log peavey.

The WP Wood Processor is a sturdy machine that can split logs up to 61 cm in diameter. Its hydraulic winch and automatic splitting cycle help process record quickly and easily. It also features an adjustable four-way wedge and a comfortable cutting height.

Convenient to store

The Wallenstein WP835 is an efficient wood processor that’s easy to store and transport. It features an adjustable four-way wedge, a hydraulic winch, and an automatic splitting cycle. In addition, it has a chainsaw holder and log peavey.

The WP Wood Processor is a reliable machine that processes 1.5 cords per hour. It has a 36-inch split opening, which is great for processing large logs. It also comes with an electric start and has a 25-ton splitting force. Its lightweight, ergonomic design and automatic cycle feature help reduce back strain while operating.

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