What Are the Dimensions of a Cord of Wood?

What is a Cord of Wood?

A cord of wood is a unit of measure for firewood, typically measuring 8 feet long, 4 feet high and 4 feet wide, equaling 128 cubic feet of wood. Firewood is typically sold in cords and fractional cords such as half and quarter cords. The cord is made up of stacked logs and is the most common unit of measure for firewood and is used for pricing and ordering. The amount of wood in a cord can vary depending on the size and length of the logs and the size of the stacking space. The actual amount of wood in a cord can range from 85 to 145 cubic feet.

The dimensions of a cord of wood can be measured in many ways. These include full, half, and one-third. You can also look at a face cord. You must consider all the factors before deciding what type of cord to buy.


A cord of wood is a standard unit of measurement for buying and selling timber. It is usually 128 cubic feet in total volume.

The most common cord of wood dimensions is 4′ x 4′ x 8′. You should check with the seller to ensure they know their sizes. This will help you to avoid getting a bundle of firewood that does not fit your home.

There are a few different types of cords. You can buy an entire line, half cord, or run of wood. All of these have their advantages and disadvantages.

A cord of wood is a stack of three rows of 16-inch-long pieces. Depending on how the pieces are stacked, you will have a broader or narrower stack. The more tightly stacked the wood, the more solid it is. You should also check the moisture content of the pieces.

You can calculate how many cords you will receive with the help of a wood calculator. It will help if you input the pile’s height, width, and length. The calculator will then tell you how much you will pay per cord of wood.

The full cord is a bundle of compactly stacked wood that measures 128 cubic feet in total volume. The volume of a half cord is 64 cubic feet. Similarly, the importance of a quarter cord is 32 cubic feet. The amount of solid wood in a line depends on the size of each piece.

When purchasing a full cord, you should measure the height and length of the logs. The average size of a record should be about four feet (1.2 m). The logs should be about four feet tall for a complete stack of 180 cubic feet.

You may also find a loose, unstacked pile of wood. This is a better option for drying your wood, as it has more air space between the pieces. Typically, this type of wood is about sixteen inches deep.

Depending on your state, you may have to conform to a different set of rules regarding how long the cord should be. Be sure to read up on the regulations before buying.

Face cord

When buying firewood, you might wonder what the dimensions of a face cord of wood are. While this is not an exact science, you can figure out how much it costs and how it compares to a full line.

The first thing to consider is the length. Most firewood is 16 inches long. The length of the wood you buy will also determine its price. You can choose from different sizes to suit your needs.

The volume of the wood is also essential. This will depend on how many logs are in the stack. The size and shape of the individual records will have a significant impact on the volume. The stacking technique you use will also significantly impact the amount of wood you receive.

Another way to measure the dimensions of a face cord of wood is by using a calculator. The calculator will display the number of complete lines, the size of the corresponding face cords, and the percentage of each thread.

The dimensions of a face cord of wood are similar to those of a complete line, but a face cord is usually smaller. A full cord of wood is usually eight feet long, while a face cord is four feet long. A complete line of kiln-dried wood weighs 3,600 pounds.

When buying firewood, you should ask your supplier how they measure it. If they are honest with you, you may end up with a pile of wood that is different from the correct size.

The most common term used for this type of stack is the “face cord.” It is a standard size of 4′ high x 8′ long x 16″ deep. It is typically made from three rows of 16″ logs.

When you are looking to purchase firewood, it is essential to check the length of the piece. If it is not long enough, you will not be able to load it into your pickup. This is not a good thing! It is best to buy your lumber from a reputable dealer.

Full cord

The size of a full cord of wood depends on several factors, including the type of wood, the length and depth of the pile, and how it is stacked. The dimensions can vary, but the basic formula is a stack of 4 feet high by 4 feet wide by eight feet long.

The total volume of a full cord of wood is usually 128 cubic feet. The importance of a half line of wood is 64 cubic feet. The dimensions of a thrown rope are less predictable. The average height and depth of the face cord are a third of a complete line.

The average length of a piece of firewood is about 16 inches. The average width of a piece of firewood is about 12 inches. When a piece of firewood is stacked neatly, the space between the elements is only about four inches. However, if the amount of firewood is not stacked correctly, the pieces will take up more room and be more random.

The entire cord of wood is a convenient way to measure the amount of firewood used to heat your home. In most cases, a full line is four feet high and eight feet wide. It is the most common size of firewood. To buy a new pile, you need to know its dimensions. You can use a calculator to determine a stack of wood’s average length, width, and height.

A standard face cord is about eight feet tall and sixteen inches deep. If you are buying a stack of wood, ask the seller what its height, depth, and width are. Then, you can ensure that the piece you are purchasing matches these measurements.

You should also check the moisture content of the wood. If you want to save money, you can get a discounted price if you purchase a full cord that has been restocked. You can also call a dealer and ask them what their price is.

Half and one-third cord

A half-and-one-third cord of wood is a standard measurement in the firewood industry. It measures 4 feet wide by 8 feet long. You may need to purchase a full line if you need a larger quantity. This can be overwhelming, especially if you are unfamiliar with the terminology. You will need to find out how the seller measures the wood. You can also use a calculator to see how much you will pay for each cord.

Typically, a face cord is made of one stack of 16-inch logs. This means it will measure four feet by eight feet by 16 inches deep. However, it can vary in depth and length. Depending on the size of your home, you may only be able to fit some of the wood you need.

Another popular measurement is a quarter cord. This is a stack of wood that measures four feet by six feet by sixteen inches deep. This makes it more than twice as large as a half-and-one-third cord.

There are other ways to measure firewood, such as a rick. A rick is one-third of a cord. The rick will also measure eight feet by 16 inches. While the risk is the most common measurement, it can also refer to the amount of wood in a stack.

There is also the bush cord. This is a similar measurement to a face cord. It measures eight feet by eight feet by eight feet and is also half the volume of a face cord. It can be cumbersome, but it is a good option for someone who wants to spend less money on wood.

It is essential to ask the seller how they measure the firewood. You will need to know the exact dimensions, but a general rule of thumb is that a full cord is four feet by four feet by eight feet.

If you want to know how many face cords there are in a certain amount of wood, you can use a calculator to determine the percentage. The size of your wood will need to be measured, but the calculator also accepts width and height measurements.