What Hydraulic Oil is Used in a Wallenstein Wood Processor?

What is Hydraulic Oil Used in a Wallenstein Wood Processor?

What hydraulic oil is used in a Wallenstein wood processor is a biodegradable, vegetable-based oil that is specifically designed for use in log splitters and other wood processing equipment. This oil is formulated to reduce friction, increase wear protection, and provide superior performance in high pressure and temperature applications. It is also engineered to resist foaming, improve heat transfer, and protect components from corrosion. It is important to use the correct type of oil in order to ensure that the wood processor operates efficiently and safely.

When choosing hydraulic oil for a wallenstein wood processor, there are three things to consider: non-flammability, viscosity, and weight. These factors are important because they determine the hydraulic oil that works best in your wallenstein wood processor. If you are unsure of which type of hydraulic oil is right for your Wallenstein, consult your dealer.


The non-flammable hydraulic oil used in a Wallenstein wood processor is non-flammable. Its operator should be familiar with its use, and always follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Wallenstein’s warranty covers defects in materials, workmanship, and service. The warranty lasts for five years for consumer use.

While the two types of hydraulic fluids are not identical, the main differences in their use are primarily the composition of the fluids. Some hydraulic fluids are water-based, while others are oil-based. The non-flammable kind is formulated with natural chemicals that do not contribute to dirt buildup and friction. A non-flammable hydraulic fluid also runs more efficiently and doesn’t encourage foaming. The non-flammable type also reduces the possibility of a hydraulic leak around the hot engine.


Viscosity is the property of hydraulic fluid describing how it resists flow. The higher the viscosity, the harder it is to compress and move the oil through an orifice. Conversely, low viscosity oil is thinner. Viscosity is influenced by many factors, including temperature. Low index oil will thicken when the air is warm and a higher index viscosity oil will be thinner when it is cold.


The Wallenstein WP840 wood processor trailer is designed for speed and efficiency. It features a Honda engine for superior power and efficiency. Its lightning-fast cycle time makes processing firewood a breeze. The WP840 is also available in seven solid colors, or a realtree EDGE(tm) camouflage finish.