What is the Current Stumpage Rate Per Cord of Aspen Pulp in Washburn County, Michigan?

For the latest information on how much your standing timber is worth, check the DEC’s Stumpage Price Report. The report is published semi-annually and shows the prices paid for standing timber within the state over the past six months. Buyers and sellers provide the costs. The report is divided into four regional areas. The information is only a guide, as the value of standing trees can vary greatly. Factors such as size, accessibility, and species can all influence the value of your standing trees.

Aspen pulp

The current stumpage rate per cord of aspen pulp is $16.85 per cord, much higher than the average rate for aspen in the United States. However, the value of the wood for veneer and sawtimber is much higher, sometimes exceeding the price of the pulpwood. Although stumpage prices have been increasing in Michigan for the past several years, they have decreased in several other areas, such as the northern Lower Peninsula.

Red maple saw

The red maple sawing rate per cord of aspen wood in Washburn County is approximately $3. This rate is based on various factors, including the tree’s diameter, defect, and size. Sawlogs generally fall into four categories: grade 3 or above, grade 2 or below, and grade 1. For veneer, logs must be 18 inches wide at the breast and 8 inches in diameter.

Red maple is a relatively small tree with a high yield but is less dense than White Pine. Its average accretion is about 107 cubic feet per acre per year. Its average age is between forty and 45 years and varies in diameter from three to ten inches. It is intermixed with other species, including aspen and pine.

White Pine, Hemlock, and Tulip are also common. However, Red Maple’s diameter is nearly four inches. It’s also important to note that White Pine’s diameter is about six inches. The White Birch sawing rate per cord of aspen pulp is approximately three inches.


The stumpage rate is a measurement of the volume of a log and is based on the length. For example, an 8-foot stick contains 144 cubic inches of wood. A cord is a smaller-diameter log that can be used for firewood, chips, or pulp. A cord is defined as 4.5 feet in diameter at breast height. A sawlog is 16 feet long, though it can be cut to shorter lengths depending on the diameter.

Yellow birch

To determine the current stumpage rate per cord of aspens harvested in Washburn County, you must first know the species. The wood from the tree has creamy white sapwood with a reddish-brown tinge. It has a close, fine texture and is generally straight-grained. This type of wood grows slowly and will take several years to mature into sawtimber-sized material.

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