Where Can I Rent a Wood Processor Near Me?

If you are preparing a firewood processing project, you need to have the right equipment to get the job done. If you are unsure of how to operate your equipment, ask for a demonstration before you make a decision. Also, be sure to know the operating terms and charges. If you plan to rent an equipment for a long period, you should check on overtime and other fees.


You may want to consider renting a DYNA wood processor if you’re looking to get your hands on one for a limited amount of time. Many people find it difficult to justify the price of a new machine or would simply like to use one for a few days before making a commitment. The best rental option is usually a weekend rental, which is plenty of time to cut and split all of your winter’s firewood. For longer-term usage, there are DYNA leasing and Rent-to-Own options available.

DYNA offers industry-leading, high-output firewood processors. Its rental fleet includes firewood processors that can split up to 22-foot logs and process up to four cords of firewood per hour. This type of firewood processor is a valuable asset to a firewood producer.

The SC-15 firewood processor is a great option for large firewood piles. It features a 14-foot-long integrated conveyor that makes it easy to stack firewood. The SC-15 can process thousands of cords of firewood per year. It is powered by a Kohler/Lombardini 56 engine.

DYNA’s SC-14 firewood processor is another budget-friendly option. It features a seven-second split cycle and can cut up to two cords per hour. It can also saw up to twelve-foot logs. It has an ergonomic joystick control and is a great choice for home use.

Cord King

If you want to make your work easier while processing firewood and logs, consider renting a wood processor from Cord King. The Canadian company started manufacturing these products in 1978 and offers eight models ranging from K to 0K. This makes them affordable for most firewood producers. They are sold across the United States, Canada, and the UK. They’re popular for their easy-to-use design and are suitable for both commercial and residential use.

Wood processors come in a variety of sizes, and depending on how much wood you plan to process, you may require a larger machine. For example, people who want to process logs for outside boilers will require large pieces of hardwood. Meanwhile, restaurants that need to use firewood for their ovens will need smaller logs. In addition, the size of the machine will depend on what kind of logs you have.

The Cord King CS20-40 is one of the most productive firewood processors on the market. Its diesel engine and carbide-tooth slasher saw enable it to process four to ten cords of firewood per hour. Its low cost of ownership also makes it an excellent choice for home and small commercial producers.

DYNA leasing

If you don’t have the cash to buy a firewood processor, you may want to consider renting one from DYNA leasing. This is an excellent way to get a feel for the equipment before making a decision. You can rent a processor for a weekend or longer, depending on your needs. Weekend rentals are often sufficient to cut and split a full winter’s worth of firewood. DYNA leasing also offers rent-to-own options for those who plan to use their firewood processor long-term.

The DYNA SC-14 firewood processor is one of the world’s best-selling firewood processors. It is compact and highly portable, and can process up to two 22-foot logs at a time. The machine is also highly efficient, making it an ideal choice for a variety of firewood processing jobs. Rental options are available for both residential and commercial operations.

DYNA offers several firewood processor sizes to suit various needs. Its SC-14, SC-15, and SC-16 models are ideal for commercial operations. The SC-12 XP firewood processor is priced at ,000, while the larger SC-14 and SC-16 firewood processors are more expensive. Nonetheless, the machines are one of the most advanced on the market.

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