Which PTO Powered Firewood Processor is Right For You?

What is a PTO Powered Wood Processor?

A PTO powered wood processor is a type of portable sawmill that is powered by a tractor's power take-off (PTO) system. This allows for efficient and cost-effective wood processing on-site, eliminating the need for manual labor or additional machinery. PTO powered wood processors are ideal for small-scale operations and are used for a variety of applications, including sawing logs, breaking down lumber, and creating firewood. They often feature a two-way hydraulic system, a conveyor belt, and a log deck to safely and accurately position the wood.

If you’re looking for a firewood processor that’s lightweight and portable, you should consider a PTO-powered model. These machines are powered by your tractor, are easy to move around your yard, and can also be used for contracting work. But which model is suitable for you? Here are some options: the Lumag SSA400z, Pilkemaster EVO 30, and Japa 365+ Basic.

Lumag SSA400z

The Lumag SSA400Z PTO Firewood Processor is an easy-to-use tool for splitting firewood. The unit uses a chainsaw to cut the wood into small chunks and then drop the pieces into a splitting chamber. The device has a robust steel frame and a powerful 400cc petrol engine. It is also available with PTO driving for even greater versatility. This model comes with a full warranty and service plan.

The German-engineered machine undergoes a series of quality controls to ensure it meets the highest quality standards. Each device also complies with EU emission and safety regulations and is backed by a comprehensive spare stock. The Lumag SSA400z PTO is powered by a Loncin engine, the world’s largest engine manufacturer. This makes it an excellent choice for demanding professionals and woodworkers.

Another benefit to a PTO firewood processor is that it is portable and easier to store. The machine is also less expensive than its counterparts. But, it has a couple of disadvantages that make it less popular. First, its resale value is lower than its competitors. And second, it doesn’t require a tractor to be detached.

Continental 480

The Continental 480 PTO-powered wood processor has an impressive feature set and is one of the fastest in its class. It features a 48-cm cutting diameter and 22 tons of splitting force. It also features a single joystick for easy operation, a high-quality OREGON Armor bar, and a 404 pitch chain. The chain and guide bar are easily accessible from the operator’s side and through a dedicated rear opening. The unit’s conveyor is hydraulically rotated to the right and extends up to five meters.

Another great feature of the PTO-powered firewood processor is its portability. It can be easily moved around a yard and is less expensive than an engine or electric processor. It can also be used by contracting businesses for their firewood processing needs. However, a PTO processor may only suit you if you own a tractor.

Pilkemaster EVO 30

The Pilkemaster EVO 30 PTO-powered wood processor has a patented V-shaped infeed table. This table is divided into two parts: the fixed part on the machine side and the mobile part on the user side. The portable part of the table feeds the log into the machine, while the fixed amount functions as a splitting piston. Its hydraulic cylinder powers both the infeed table and the splitting piston.

The hydraulic log deck of the Pilkemaster EVO30 helps place the logs at the correct height for the machine to process them. The hydraulic roll works with the infeed table, controlled by the control handle. The logs roll up to the device from the rear of the table. A patented handle then picks out the first log.

The EVO30 is a powerful and reliable firewood processor. It can process logs up to 30 cm in diameter and can run on the PTO of a tractor. The machine is also capable of running on its gasoline engine. Its unique design allows it to process firewood in a fraction of the time and power of a traditional wedge.

Japa 365+ Basic

The Japa 365+ Basic wood processor is a versatile machine that can run on a combustion engine, electric motor, or tractor PTO. It can also be equipped with tires for legal road use. Its hydraulics are well-designed for full professional service. The machine has a high cutting speed and a high-output cutting chamber. Its separate pumps and hydraulic cylinders reduce friction and improve chain and bar life.

The Japa 365 comes with a powered in-feed conveyor and an outfeed conveyor. The machine is built to handle logs up to 14 inches in diameter and a maximum cut length of 23.6 inches. The Japa 365 is equipped with hydraulics, a log lifter, and a feed roller, but you can also get a basic model for less money. Regardless of your needs, Japa firewood processors make work easier and safer. The Japa 315+ is an excellent choice for shared use. It has a built-in wood chute, a powered infeed conveyor, and a 4-way wedge knife.

Thanks to its design, the Japa 365 firewood processor is easy to move around and use. Its chainsaw is hydraulically driven for safety. It works reliably with a chain that only rotates when cutting a log. Its hydraulic cylinder will easily split logs when you lower the saw handle.

Japa 315+

If you’re looking for a high-quality, affordable wood processor, the Japa 315+ is a great option. It features hydraulics, a wood chute, and a powered infeed conveyor. Upgrades such as an adjustable log lift and an optional powered outfeed conveyor are also available. And for those who’d like a more powerful processor, you can consider the Japa 365 Basic or Pro.

The Japa 315+ has been designed to provide easy operation and maximum safety. It has a new blade and pusher design to ensure optimal wood processing. It also has an improved edge with a reinforced log gripper. The unique design of the pusher also makes cleaning the blade more accessible and faster.

The Japa 315+ firewood processor is ideal for a shared or contracted firewood processing operation. Its log feed and split mechanism reduce the amount of pushing and jerking while reducing the risk of injury. It is also easy to operate with one hand.

Rima RM

A PTO-powered wood processor may be an excellent choice if you own a tractor. They are highly portable and less expensive than engines or electric machines. And they are easy to move around the yard and can also be used for contracting.

Rima makes a variety of firewood processors. The Continental 480 is the fastest, with a cutting diameter of 48 cm and a splitting force of 22 tons. It has hydraulically controlled splitting axes and can be operated by a processor or crane. It is ideal for thinning trees, as it has a wide diameter. Other firewood processors include the SpaltFix K-415, which is operated by tractor hydraulics. This machine also has a hydraulic log feed.

A PTO firewood processor will be less expensive, but that price is only one part of the cost. A PTO processor’s operating efficiency and resale value are still lower than other options. A PTO firewood processor may be a better option if you are on a tight budget, but it has disadvantages.