Types of Firewood Conveyors

A firewood conveyor is an efficient way to transport firewood from one place to another. They are designed to split and cut logs in a way that requires minimal manual handling. Typically, they have four parts, each dedicated to a specific function. Here are a few different types to consider when looking for a firewood conveyor.

Range Road RR502

If you are looking for a firewood conveyor that can handle large loads of logs, the Range Road RR502 stand-alone conveyor is a great choice. Its powerful 6.5 horsepower engine is ideal for any application where a more extended conveyor is needed. It can be used alone or with a Range Road Firewood Processor for even greater reach. This conveyor is easy to move around and comes with a 2” trailer coupler. You can also mount it on a firewood processor to run on its hydraulics.

Brute Force USA

Brute Force USA is a manufacturer of heavy-duty commercial-grade firewood processors. Its products include log splitters, firewood conveyors, grapples, and disc cleaners. It also offers powder coating services for large equipment. Located in Dorchester, WI, Brute Force serves customers nationwide.

Brute Force firewood conveyors feature a 90-degree pivot for easier cutting and stacking. They are available in long and short conveyor belts. They are also reliable, durable, and able to move split firewood. A typical commercial firewood processor may require a machine capable of processing up to five cords an hour.

A firewood conveyor is a significant investment and should not be made without much research. Make sure to purchase from a reputable company with a solid track record. You should also choose a product with a strong motor and an excellent customer service program. Otherwise, you could spend thousands of dollars on repairs or replacements.

Wolfe Ridge

The Wolfe Ridge firewood conveyor is a Wisconsin-made, commercial-grade firewood conveyor, delivering the best quality and value at homeowner prices. It features a compact design and is towable from two sides for easy mobility. It is outfitted with a 400-pound capacity and includes:

  • A three-spool hydraulic valve.
  • Dexter hubs.
  • A durable red and black powder-coated steel frame.

This firewood conveyor comes with a Prince Auto Cycle valve for added convenience. This valve automatically uses a pressure-release detent to open and close the main cylinder. This valve is temperature-sensitive, so it’s essential to ensure the pressure release is set between 70 and 120 degrees F. A 56-horsepower diesel engine powers the engine.

The firewood conveyor has a manual explaining how to operate the machine. Its manual has sections on Operating Instructions, Safety Information, and Optional Splitting Wedges. The manual also contains safety information regarding California Proposition 65 and the use of this machine. In addition, it has instructions on maintaining and troubleshooting its electrical and hydraulic systems.

American CLS

If you are looking for a firewood conveyor that will work with various firewood processors from different companies, you should consider purchasing an American CLS firewood conveyor. This machine is made from heavy-duty steel and features a Honda 160 GX engine. It also features hydraulic raise and lower functions and a hydraulically controlled axle. You can also purchase a debris separator if you choose. These conveyors are available in lengths from fifteen to forty feet.

A firewood conveyor is a significant investment, so it is essential to consider all aspects before purchasing one. Make sure you choose a reputable company and a high-quality product. You’ll also want to consider the size of the motor and customer support. If you buy a sub-par unit, you might spend hundreds, if not thousands, on repairs.

An American CLS firewood conveyor is made to accommodate various log sizes and weights. A model TW6 has a four-way splitter wedge, a hydraulic log lift, and a table grate for placing finished firewood. It’s a versatile machine that is perfect for commercial firewood production. It can hold up to 400 ‘face’ cords of firewood. This model also comes with an optional log lift and 13-inch highway tires.

Another essential feature of an American CLS firewood conveyor is its ease of use. You can operate it from either side, making it very versatile. The company’s machines are built with heavy-duty cast-iron and steel components. The company’s products are made in Iowa and sold worldwide. If you’re looking for a firewood conveyor that will work with your company’s needs, you should check out Halverson Wood Products.


Multitek’s line of firewood conveyors is built for high production and high-quality firewood processing. The 2040XP2 is Multitek’s flagship processor, designed for the toughest logs. Its patented shuttle grapple infeed system allows producers to process up to seven cords per hour, setting the industry standard for speed. The 2040XP2 is also built for durability.

This firewood conveyor is made of heavy-duty commercial-grade metal and features hydraulic speed and height controls. It is available with a self-contained gas engine power unit package or an external power source. It can also be disassembled for maintenance or repair. The FWC-20 is available in twenty-feet-six-foot lengths.

Multitek was founded by Leo Heikkinen, a veteran of the forest machinery industry. Heikkinen had previously worked at Prentice Motors, where he had designed and built a hydraulic truck-mounted log loader. He later bought an old Prentice Motors building and began manufacturing wood-processing machinery. The company offers a variety of wood-processing equipment for small businesses, as well as for large-scale commercial operations.

The company already has two Multitek firewood processors in Minnesota and is planning to open operations in Utah shortly. Those Utah operations are expected to employ six to eight employees. The Utah operations will supply specialty wood products to customers on the east coast. The company has a network of multi-state customers and is expanding into the west and east.

A firewood conveyor is not a classic piece of machinery in the landscape, but it can dramatically improve your operation. These conveyors are available in 20-feet, twenty-four-foot, and thirty-foot versions, depending on their desired length.

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