Wood Chuck Firewood Processor Rentals

Before renting a woodchuck firewood processor, be sure to do your research. You should know how the machine operates and ask for a demonstration. Also, note the rental terms and delivery charges. Lastly, make sure to check maintenance and resharpening requirements. You should also be aware of any overtime or extra fees that may apply to you.


Blockbuster wood chuck firewood processors are great for cutting logs up to twenty-four inches in diameter. Squiers Logging uses these machines to cut firewood in the woods of a nearby forest. During a demonstration, Squiers Logging showed off the Blockbuster Firewood Processor and how it cuts logs and splits them.


DYNA manufactures high-quality firewood processors and offers a nationwide rental fleet of these machines. These machines can split up to 22-foot logs and four cords of firewood per hour. They are designed for ease of use and durability. These firewood processors are ideal for firewood producers looking for reliable, long-lasting equipment.

Blockbuster SC-15

The SC-15 Wood Chuck Firewood Processor is a convenient, easy-to-operate machine that can be rented or bought. It has ergonomic joystick controls for the live deck, in-feed trough, rolling log clamp, and harvester saw. It can be easily moved from the wood yard to the work site and rented for short- or long-term use.


The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor combines an industrial frame with speed and power for thousands of cords of wood per year. It has an extra-long 4.5″ x 26″ splitting cylinder and can handle logs up to 16 feet long. Its easy-to-use joystick controls make it easy to operate and easily portable between a worksite and a wood yard. It can be rented or purchased for rental purposes.

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