Wood Land Wood Processor

What is a Wood Land Wood Processor?

A Wood Land Wood Processor is a specialized machine used to cut, shape, and process wood for construction and other woodworking projects. It typically includes a saw, router, drill, and other tools for shaping wood into the desired shape and size. The processor is also equipped with a conveyor belt for easy movement of the wood. The machine can be used to create pieces from raw wood, such as doors, windows, and furniture. It is an essential tool for any woodworking workshop, and can help reduce labor costs and the time it takes to complete projects.

Working as a wood processor requires a large amount of hand labor. You must stack and load huge amounts of wood. The work is dangerous and can take its toll on your back. Roger is far from retiring. He’s still processing wood every day. Still, he’s proud of his hard work.

Chaloux Brothers

The Chaloux Brothers are a firewood processing company located in Williamstown, Vermont. The company produces approximately 700 cords of firewood per year. They have been in business for 39 years. The company processes log-length wood in a wood processor before delivering it to customers. The wood is split into lengths of eight to 24 inches, then runs down a conveyor belt to a dump truck. Customers prefer green wood, but they can also purchase dry wood if they prefer.

The wood processing process requires a tremendous amount of manual labor. Workers are required to stack, load, and transport wood. The work can be dangerous and tax the back. Tony, who is nearing retirement, is currently reducing the amount of logging he does. However, Roger and Hector are still active in the business.

Woodland Mills

The Woodland Mills wood processor is now available for purchase on Arblease. The company offers low-cost financing to qualified buyers. This product offers a variety of benefits, including a firewood processor, portable sawmill, and a NEW sawmill trailer. To learn more, visit woodlandmills.com.

This processor is very easy to use and has a wide range of options. It cuts logs to the desired length. It also features a 2 or 4 way splitter. Once the splitter is finished processing a log, a hydraulically driven conveyor system automatically extends the ram ready to accept the next piece.

The HM126 wood processor by Woodland Mills offers high precision at a low price. This machine is perfect for home or small business use. Its powerful engine delivers plenty of power to cut logs up to 15″ in diameter. The tubular back beam adds rigidity to the machine and helps to ensure a smooth cut. This machine is also versatile, with the ability to cut logs into four, six, or eight pieces.


The Uniforest wood processor comes with a number of features, including a hydraulic drive capable of delivering up to ten tons of driving force. This feature allows the machine to handle large trees, while its other features include cyclones and dust extractors for collecting sawdust. It is also equipped with two-, four-, six and eight-way splitting knives.

The CS series wood processors are known to be the best in their price range. They are designed to process four to ten cords of firewood per hour and have an industry-leading cut-to-cut time of less than five seconds. In addition, these machines are easy to maintain and repair.

This portable wood processor is easy to use, requires minimal space and can operate with low power requirements. It has built-in safety features and can be easily attached to a tractor. For larger logs, gas log splitters are the most common option. These machines can split logs from eight to 45 tons, and have durable tow hitches. They also feature wide tires for easy transport.


The Halverson HWP 140B wood processor is an efficient, highly productive machine that is safe and easy to use. It is made in Minnesota and can process 1-2 cords of wood per hour. The machine can be mounted on an excavator or skid steer.

The Halverson firewood processor is a versatile machine that is suitable for both residential and light commercial use. It has been manufactured in the USA for many years and is widely regarded by major firewood producers. This machine can operate with minimal manual intervention and is highly durable. Its controls are simple, logical, and are easy to use.