Wood Processor For Rent in Phillips WI

Whether you’re looking for a Brute Force log splitter, Brute Force wood processor, or a DYNA leasing option, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got the information you need to make a well-informed decision about a rental or buy-to-own decision.

Brute Force wood processors

Firewood is a popular source of heat in many homes and a firewood processor rental can help make the job easier. These machines are very easy to use and are easy to maintain. They are used by many rental companies and are extremely reliable. They are also heavy-duty and USA-built, which means you can be confident they will last for many years.

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Brute Force firewood processors are commercial-grade heavy-duty machines that can handle a wide variety of wood types. They come with a wide range of features, including log splitters, firewood bundlers, conveyors, disc cleaners, log grapples, and powder coating. These machines can save your company money and cut down on labor costs, and are easy to operate.

Brute Force log splitters

If you are looking for a log splitter to rent in Phillips, WI, you may want to check out the 14-24 HD machine from Brute Force. This midsize machine offers a range of standard features, a sturdy design, and a capacity of two tons. It is easy to operate and can handle a variety of different types of wood. It is an ideal piece of equipment for homeowners or businesses that require a large amount of firewood processing.

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This splitter can split up to 24 inches of logs in just 14 seconds, thanks to its large hydraulic ram. It also has an E-Z lift hinge to convert to vertical operation and a heavy-duty crank-down wheel jack. It can easily be transported and is made with safety in mind. A safety system that requires two-handed operation is standard, as well as a spring loaded cleaning wedge.

Rent-to-own options

Many people use wood to heat their homes. A wood processor can help make the process much easier. These machines will split wood into manageable pieces and are easy to maintain. In addition, these machines are made in the USA and are highly reliable. Many people rent these machines each year because they are so convenient.

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DYNA makes several models of wood processors. Their SC-14 model is a popular choice for home users and small businesses. This unit is ergonomically designed and can split logs up to 22 feet long. It can process four cords of firewood per hour. Available in different sizes, it can be rented or purchased.

If you’re planning to use a wood processor for a long time, renting a unit might be the right choice. Rental prices are typically priced to cut enough firewood to last through the winter. If you plan on using the machine long-term, DYNA leasing and rent-to-own options are also available.

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With the availability of multiple options for finance, you can save money while maximizing the benefits of your purchase. Rent-to-own also gives you the option to try a product before you make the purchase. Some companies offer free delivery and installation and service, so you can try it before you make a decision. These companies also offer name-brand products at low weekly or monthly rates. Plus, you won’t be tied into long-term contracts or credit checks. Plus, they have knowledgeable sales staff to help you choose the best options.

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