Wood Processor Infeed Table Rollers

Infeed tables are a vital component of the wood processor, and a poorly-made table will cause the machine to run at a lower output than it should. Luckily, there are a few different options for infeed table rollers. You can look at the offerings of HakkiFeed, Tajfun, and DYNA Products.

DYNA Products

DYNA Products is the market leader in the firewood processor industry, and has produced over a thousand models. Their most popular machine is the 1000 Series Firewood Processor, which is available in both new and used models. Currently, DYNA produces a 58-ton splitter that can split a 16 to 28-way wedge.

The DYNA SC-15 Firewood Processor has upgraded safety features, a tandem axle and a high output frame. This model is more powerful than the SC-14 and can process thousands of cords a year. This firewood processor is available in different sizes to meet the needs of commercial operators.

The DYNA firewood processor rental fleet is available nationwide. The rental fleet features cutting-edge firewood processors that can split up to 22-foot logs per hour. These machines are durable, high-tech and reliable. DYNA Products stands behind its products with strong warranties.

DYNA firewood processors offer high output at an affordable price. They feature a seven-second split cycle and a 16-foot conveyor. These machines have an ergonomic joystick control and a color LCD, easy-to-read control panel. In addition, DYNA firewood processors are designed to be easy to use, and can even be used in a home environment.


The Tajfun firewood processor has a three-point linkage system and foldable infeed conveyor to forward long logs easily. This machine is easy to maintain and has many features, including hydraulic log holder, cutting and splitting wedge height adjustment, and a self-contained hydraulic system.

For added efficiency, the Tajfun Live Deck is a great option. It allows for faster log loading and feeding and improves opreating efficiency. The Live Deck is driven by the processor’s hydraulic system and can be operated through the processor operator or machine controls. It is available in stationary or mobile versions, with wheels and axles for portability.

Eastonmade’s Alpha 6 log splitter has a powerful 15 Amp 2 HP motor that delivers maximum power. It is easily towable and works with conventional four and six inch wedges. The TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor is a great addition to the Alpha 6. The Alpha 6 excels in log splitting and includes a bar saw and 48 splitter, a conveyor, and a TWC-12 Firewood Conveyor.


The Pilkemaster EVO30 firewood processor comes with a hydraulic log-deck that synchronizes with its infeed table rollers. This feature allows users to easily work with logs on the ground. The log-deck lifter has two hydraulic rolls and is controlled by the control handle on the machine. When you place a log into the machine, the hydraulic roll will lift it at the desired height.

The EVO30’s infeed table is made of a metallic material that doesn’t wear out like a traditional rubber conveyor. It also saves power and reduces maintenance costs, thanks to its patented innovation. This processor also has a lower power requirement than its competitors.

The Pilkemaster EVO30 firewood processor has a 5.6-ton hydraulic cylinder and an adjustable splitting knife. This makes it easier to split logs because of its angled blade, which reduces the force required to split the wood. It also comes with optional splitting knives, making it even easier to split logs.

The Pilkemaster EVO30 firewood processor is one of the most reliable processors on the market. It has a low price and can process up to twelve inches of diameter logs. It can be operated on either a gasoline or PTO tractor. It also comes with patented handle that helps you pick the first log.


The HakkiFeed wood processor infeed tables feature hydraulically operated feed chains, mechanical separators, and a three-roller lateral transfer mechanism. These tables are highly robust and have nine adjustment legs, which allow for greater loading space. They also have the capability to handle up to 6 m long logs.

These tables are available in various designs and are equipped with different types of infeed tables and outfeed conveyors. Infeed tables with a 23″ x 27″ opening are suited for processing large branches. Moreover, these tables are compatible with all models, including the Expert and Falcon.

The HakkiFeed 422 mobile ski-steer wood processor features hydraulic log rack feed rollers and an infeed conveyor. Its cutting system is advanced and has a three-second splitting cycle. It is also compact and can be transported from one site to another. Its hydraulic motor is powerful enough to process logs up to 80 cm in diameter. It also features a 40-gallon hydraulic oil tank.


The RCA wood processor is a mobile powerhouse with a 55 HP Hatz diesel engine and joystick-controlled large-capacity firewood processor. This machine also has a 40Tf splitting ram and a programmable touch screen that displays the number of logs processed and other information.

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