Wood Processor Made in DeLuth, Minnesota

The Kedco facility is likely to need a full-scale environmental impact statement (EIS). The Thunderhawk paper mill in Grand Rapids, Michigan, took a year to complete an EIS. It uses 300,000 cords of wood per year, a fraction of the Kedco facility’s demand. A large environmental group, the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy, is monitoring the project. It recently challenged a Minnesota Steel taconite plant EIS.

Multitek 2020CSC

The Multitek 2020CSC wood processor is a firewood processor that is made in DeLuth, Minnesota. It features an integrated stacking conveyor and pintle hitch hook-up. This means that the machine can be towed by a single ton dual-wheel pickup truck. This makes the machine ideal for contract firewood processing. In addition, it can be fitted with anti-vandalism guards and floodlights.

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SSP-180 Pro Skid Steer Firewood Processor

The SSP-180 Pro Skid Steer firewood processor is a versatile piece of equipment that can be attached to a skid steer and is capable of wood cutting and splitting tasks. This unit can process about one to two cords of wood an hour and is lightweight and easy to store.

Halverson argues that Classified’s demand letter is adequate to provide Classified with fair notice of its patent infringement claim. The demand letter includes a detailed recitation of Claim 1 limitations and labeled pictures of the SSP-180 to demonstrate which parts are allegedly infringing. The demand letter also meets the requirement of fair notice because Halverson has stated a plausible allegation of direct patent infringement.

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The SSP-180 Pro skid steer firewood processor is easy to operate and features an auto retractable saw and splitter. The 4-way splitter is hydraulically adjustable and produces uniformly sized firewood from logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

GS-44 Grapple Saw

The GS-44 Grapple Saw is a wood processor that picks up one log at a time. It can also cut multiple logs at once. Its versatility makes it ideal for cutting logs for outdoor wood boilers and clearing trails. Users simply push a button to activate the hydraulic saw. Then, the machine retracts back into an upright position. It also provides oil for the saw bar each time it is used.

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Hahn Harvester

The Hahn Harvester wood processor was the first of its kind in North America. Designed by Ray Hahn, the simple, economical, and highly productive machine revolutionized the logging industry. By combining a grapple skidder with a feller buncher, it made logging operations safer and easier. Today, Hahn machinery makes a wide range of forestry equipment and continues to expand their model line.

Marv Sawyer, owner of Sawyer Construction Services, Inc. in Elgin, Minnesota, runs a company that provides land clearing, excavation, and snow removal services. His company also produces mulch and operates wood yards. He has also worked with Hahn to create this new machine.

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The Hahn HFB240 wood processor is used at a new wood yard in Rochester, Minnesota. It uses a Hahn HFB240 bucking attachment that can handle logs between 10 and 12 feet in length. The machine also features a Kiln-Direct unit for heat-treating firewood. Another wood yard, north of Rochester, uses mainly brushy material. The contractor grinds the material once a year, and Marv sells the mulch.

Marv Dawson has two Hahn attachments for processing logs and a new bucking attachment for big logs. He says he’s a loyal Hahn customer and has used every type of firewood processor available. But the Hahn attachment is the one he’ll keep, despite the new attachment.

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