Wood Processor Rental MN

What is Wood Processor Rental MN?

Wood Processor Rental MN is a service providing businesses and individuals with access to wood processing machines such as chippers and shredders. These machines are used to reduce wood waste into more manageable sizes, allowing for easier disposal or use in composting. The rental service offers wood processing machines on a short-term basis, allowing customers to access the right machine for their needs without having to purchase or store the machine themselves. Some services also offer onsite delivery and setup for an additional fee.

Firewood processors are available for rent, and many people choose this option to try them out before investing in one. Rentals usually are offered for a weekend, which is plenty of time to split and cut the winter’s supply of firewood. However, if you need the machine for a more extended period, you can also opt for a DYNA lease or a Rent-to-Own option.

Multitek 2020CSC

The Multitek 2020CSC wood processor rental is the first professional firewood processor equipped with a pintle hitch and integrated stacking conveyor. It is designed to meet the needs of contract firewood processors and windrow pile producers. The machine’s design helps maximize rental revenue and productivity.

The Multitek 2020CSC is a versatile wood processor that can handle low-grade logs. It features Oregon Micro Chisel cutters mounted on a 35-inch bar saw and a John Deere 66-horsepower diesel engine. The Multitek 2020CSC is a member of the Multitek family of processors, which aims to make it the preferred choice of professional firewood businesses. This wood processor also comes with features like anti-vandalism guarding and floodlights.

Halverson HP-140

The Halverson HP-140 wood processor is a unique piece of equipment designed to process wood. The machine attaches to a skid-steer loader and features a hydraulic system. The cutting unit pivots downward to cut the catalog while a ram pushes the cut portion past a wedge. The process can be repeated several times to process a cord of wood.

The Halverson firewood processor is easy to operate. It is easily mounted to a skid steer and processes one to two cords of wood per hour. It can process logs up to sixteen inches in diameter. It is also easily stored and easy to operate. The HP-140 is available in two models. The medium-duty model has a processing capacity of six cubic meters per hour and is easy to use. It is also easy to maintain and uses less power.

The Halverson HP-140 wood processor has a hydraulic system and is compatible with skid-steer trailers. It allows you to process logs on-site and haul finished firewood away. It can save you time, labor, and resources by reducing the need to move logs from your property.

This wood processor is ideal for residential and light commercial use. It can process logs up to ten feet long and sixteen inches in diameter. It also has an auto-oiler and an easy-to-adjust chain. With multiple split-head options, you can process a cord and a half of firewood in an hour.