Wood Processor Skid Steer Attachment

A wood processor skid steer attachment is a versatile tool that offers many advantages over previous wood processor attachments. It includes a pivotally mounted support structure, cutting unit, ram, and wedge. The conveying member travels from the receiving end of the skid steer to the working end, and the ram and wedge are situated adjacent to it.


The HWP-120 wood processor for skid steers is an innovative new wood processing machine that can handle various tasks. It is easy to use, safe, and capable of processing up to one and a half cords of wood per hour. One person can operate it.

The HWP-120 wood processor is mounted on a skid steer and picks up logs with its forks. The record is then rolled onto an in-feed table. Once secured, the high-speed bar saw will start to cut the log. Once it has finished cutting, the block will drop into the splitting trough, and a log table will move the record into the next cutting position. The machine also has ram that allows the log to be split into pieces.

The HWP-120 wood processor skid-steer can process logs for firewood. It can work in tandem with a skid steer or a tractor and can process records of up to 20 feet. Its adjustable splitter head means that it can process different types of wood. You can also choose between a two or six-way splitter.

The Halverson HWP-120 wood processor skid-steer is an excellent machine for firewood processing. It eliminates manual labor and allows you to cut more logs simultaneously. A new attachment makes it easy to process records. The extension works with a skid-steer that provides power and hydraulics. The new machine is easy to operate and requires only one person.

SSP-180 Pro

The SSP-180 Pro wood processor skid-steer is a high-efficiency wood processor with an easy-to-operate design. It ships fully assembled and with a one-year warranty. Its automatic retractable saw and hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter produce uniform-sized firewood.

This skid-steer firewood processor is durable and robust, making it an ideal addition to any farm or ranch. It’s versatile enough to attach to multiple pieces of equipment, making it convenient to process large amounts of firewood. Another great feature is the auto-return feature, which increases splitting speed by allowing the wedge to return to its original starting position automatically. This hydraulic-driven splitter will enable you to cut up logs up to 18 inches in diameter.

A skid steer firewood processor is a significant investment if you’re a commercial producer. It can easily separate all types of wood and is more reliable than a traditional firewood processor. It’s easy to operate and has a convenient joystick for controlling its cutting mechanism. In addition, it features a hydraulically adjustable 4-way splitter, which can split logs as large as 18 inches in diameter. It also has an auto-return feature, which means it will automatically return to its starting position when you move on.

Halverson’s Complaint has a compelling case. The Complaint states a plausible allegation of direct patent infringement. The demand letter provides Classified with reasonable notice and has a detailed recitation of Claim 1 limitations. It also contains labeled images of the SSP-180 to illustrate the allegedly infringing parts. The Court will deny Classified’s Motion to Dismiss.

Halverson Wood Products offers the HWP-120 Skid Steer Firewood Processor for light commercial and residential use. It is attached to a skid steer or other equipment and allows the operator to handle wood splitting and cutting tasks without the need to move the machine.

Tajfun RCA 400 Joy

The Tajfun RCA 400 Joy wood processor is the company’s flagship firewood processor. Designed to be driven via the tractor PTO, the RCA 400 Joy is compact and easy to transport. It has a three-point hitch for mounting on a tractor. It is also equipped with an optional RN 3000 Live Deck, which is easily trailered behind the processor trailer. The unit’s self-contained hydraulic system is equipped with an oil cooler to provide reliable performance during sustained operation.

Tran saw 350XLS

The Transaw 350XLS wood processor ski-steer has a semi-automatic splitting unit and a 35cm circular saw. A control lever operates both features. This allows the operator to check the alignment of the log while splitting.

This semi-automatic firewood processor has a 15-ton, 35-cm splitter, and a circular saw. The operator controls the machine with a lever on the tractor’s side. It also includes a log alignment sensor that lets the operator ensure the log’s alignment before breaking it. The machine can chop logs between 23 and 55 cm, depending on the size. Its spiral blade cutter provides low power consumption and reduces jamming.

The Transaw 350XLS wood processor ski-steer is PTO driven and weighs approximately 2000 kg. It requires a tractor with at least 50 horsepower. It is also available in an electric version. It is equipped with the latest quiet hydraulic drive systems, which minimize noise and emissions. The Hydraulic saw drive is also soft, even when the machine is switched off. It is also equipped with a brake, making it safe to operate in both residential and commercial settings.

The Transaw 350XLS wood processor ski-steer is a powerful machine designed for farming and ranching operations. It is powered by a skid steer power plant and produces up to two cords of split firewood per hour. It has a 30-48cm deck level for an ergonomic working height. It also features an operator panel with intuitive controls for the splitter and the log lift.

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