Woodland Mills Wood Processor

The Woodland Mills wood processor is a rugged and robust wood processing machine. Its galvanized, and powder-coated steel construction protects it from weather and other natural elements. It cuts logs up to 15” in diameter and up to 10′ (3m) in length. It can also cut logs from 9” to 23”/23 cm to 58”. It has ram that can weigh 12 tons and an adjustable conveyor system.


The FP160 is a portable, high-production firewood processor. It has a 9.5-horsepower Kohler engine and can cut logs into lengths of up to 20″. Its splitter system can cut logs into 4, 6, or eight pieces. It is also mobile and can deposit records on the ground or conveyors.


The Woodland Mills HM126 wood processor is the company’s flagship model, offering high precision and affordability for the home or small business user. The sawmill’s gas/petrol engine provides plenty of power for cutting logs up to 66 cm in diameter, while a tubular back beam provides rigidity and helps ensure smooth cuts. The sawmill is also equipped with additional tracks, enabling the operator to extend the length of the logs milled.

The HM126 wood processor features an Auto Locking Adjustable Blade Guide, which reduces the amount of blade wander, and is equipped with stainless steel v-rollers. The blade guide also features a matched machined aluminum arm, providing excellent stability and less blade wander. The HM126’s smooth, accurate cuts make it the best value in its class. The HM126 comes with a versatile, multi-terrain trailer for easy transportation. The trailer’s adjustable height allows the operator to work comfortably and easily store the mill when unused.

The HM126 is a versatile machine that can process 26″ diameter logs; mill lives edge boards up to 24″ comprehensive, and mill logs up to 3.1m long. The HM126 can process records up to three-tenths of a meter with optional track extensions. The machine also can skim veneers as thin as 1/16″ and will cut within one inch of the deck for maximum board foot output.

The HM126 portable sawmill uses 144″ bandsaw blades. This is a thicker blade than the industry standard and allows for faster feed rates and better performance under challenging conditions. Thinner blades have lower horsepower requirements but are suitable for lower horsepower sawmills. Both blade thickness and width are essential factors for sawmill performance.


A new firewood processor from Woodland Mills fills a need for a reliable, easy-to-use machine. This unit features a 14 HP Kohler gas engine and a powder-coated structure for added durability. The wood processor also has an automatic log lift and outfeed conveyor. It does the work of several machines in a single device.

The wood processor’s conveyor is adjustable for several heights. It’s also foldable for storage and transport. The wood conveyor is 10′ 6″ long and flexible for various sizes. The wood conveyor can also be folded down in half to store it. It also has a rolling log table that folds up for easy transport and storage. The tongue can be detached for easy storage.

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