The Eager Beaver 20 and Bad A** Beaver Model 20 Wood Splitters

Wood Beaver designed the Eager Beaver 20 wood splitter to meet the needs of tree service businesses. These companies wanted to be able to split firewood and transport it without having to carry a large firewood processor. The Eager Beaver 20 is a portable wood splitter with a compact design and is ideal for use in the backyard, at work, or on the go.

Bad A** Beaver 20

The Bad A** Beaver model 20 is a low-cost, high-production processor ideal for firewood producers. It has a high capacity of up to four cords per hour and is available with a two or three-strand live deck. The machine can also be fed with a log lift.

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Lil Beaver 16

The LIL Beaver is an efficient, mobile, and economical firewood processor designed for contract firewood producers, farmers, and homeowners. Its high-powered gas motor and 16-inch harvester bar split logs at up to 1.0 cord per hour. It also features a protective lockout cover and a log-length CAM measurement system. Despite its impressive features, the LIL Beaver is very user-friendly.

The MVP Beaver firewood processor line is made in Wisconsin. The Wood Beaver is made of high-quality parts and is easy to maintain and service. One Wood Beaver owner plans to upgrade to a larger model next year. He plans to purchase an MVP Beaver model 18 or 20 if the current model is insufficient. The MVP Beaver line also comes in diesel or PTO gas models.

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Eager Beaver 16

The McCulloch Eager Beaver chain cutter comes with a 3.7-inch cutting chain. It features left and suitable blades. It also has a depth gauge to adjust the depth of the cutter tooth. It also comes with a gullet that funnels wood chips underneath the cutter. The neck is durable and prevents wood chips from entering the engine. During operation, the rear toe rides on the groove in the bar. This tool’s chain may get worn down if you force it too hard, causing the cutter tooth to rock in the wood.

The chain is one of the most critical components of any chain saw. It must be sharp and durable to cut wood fibers quickly. A short chain will maximize power and performance. Besides, the chain can be stretched or sharpened multiple times. However, the chain may not be your best option if you plan to use the saw in dirty conditions.

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18 BAB

The new Wood Beaver model 20 18 BAB saw is a big step from its predecessor. It is bigger, stronger, and faster than the original. The latest technology splits an 18″ hardwood log in 3 to 4 seconds. The machine also comes with a patented Top Roll clamping system. And it can be easily moved to a new location.

The BAB 20 has a 34-ton splitter, and the operator’s platform provides good visibility and a safe place to stand while using the machine. All controls are hydraulic and conveniently placed at the operator’s station. Another helpful feature of this machine is its 16′ Folding Conveyor, which allows the operator to load firewood quickly. This conveyor also packs away easily to make it easy to transport the processor.

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